Using for your CME Needs 

The CMEfy system offers a path to continuing education credits for doctors, nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, pharmacists, and dentists.

  • The entire system is FREE to you.
  • You will need to register at and set up your account the first time you use the system 
  • holds your credits and can send a confirmation of your credit summary to any organization you request

    WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW for a quick overview of the system. stands the typical method of earning CME on its head.

Rather than certifying the CONTENT of your learning experience, CMEfy certifies that you did, in fact, LEARN SOMETHING from the experience. 

You earn credit "REFLECTIONS" after your learning experience.

  • At the end of each training lesson, podcast or coaching call you will see a CMEfy LINK

  • CLICK IT and you will be taken to the CMEfy site and asked two quick questions.
    • What did you just learn?
    • What will you do with this learning"

  • Write a couple of sentences in response to each question and you will earn 1 CME Credit. Your "reflections" are required to be a self-reflective statement of your learning from our teaching.

  • CMEfy stores the credits for you and will forward a copy of your total credits at your request

  • You do need to register with CMEfy on your first visit

  • The service is completely free.

Here is an example of a LINK 

The Garden Guided Meditation
The CME experience for this Video Lesson is powered by CMEfy
- click here to reflect and unlock credits & more:

Click on that link and you'll be taken to the CMEfy site and asked the two questions aboveif you are READY TO REFLECT?

Click YES, and you will be asked two questions.

  • What did you learn in this activity?
  • How will you use this learning?

Answer each question with a couple of sentences. When your answer is approved by the system, each answer will generate a half a unit of continuing education credit - for a total of one unit

WATCH FOR CME.fy LINKS in every training and each coaching call  you receive from our team here at and all of our online trainings at


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Dr Dike Drummond


Dike Drummond MD