Addressing the Physician Burnout Epidemic – over 10,000 Doctors Trained to Recognize and Prevent Burnout in 2016

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Burnout is rampant among American doctors, with recent studies showing as many as 54% of practicing physicians suffering from at least one symptom of this syndrome(1). Burned out doctors make more mistakes, provide lower quality care, get sued more often and have lower levels of patient satisfaction. (2)

The problem has worsened to the point that the CEO of the Mayo Clinic – John Noseworthy MD – recently advised that patients fire their doctor if they sense the physician is burned out, because it is “Not worth the risk of being treated by an impaired physician”. (3)

What should doctors and the organizations that employ them do to address this epidemic?, Seattle, Washington 1/5/2017

Dike Drummond MD, CEO and Founder of announced today that he personally delivered the Burnout Proof Live Workshop to over 10,000 physicians, in 300 separate trainings, for 48 corporate clients in the calendar year of 2016.

This flagship workshop teaches the signs, symptoms, causes and effects of physician burnout. Attendees also learn how to recognize burnout in themselves and others and how to both reach out for and accept support.

“All physicians graduate with a gaping hole in their medical education around stress management and burnout prevention. Our workshop fills that hole in a public forum and starts to shift the culture of the organization. Doctors learn a common language to describe the experience of burnout and are able to both ask for help and offer help -- perhaps for the first time. This is the initial step in hard wiring the culture of the Quadruple Aim into any group that employs physicians”, Drummond says.

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One 2016 training client was the Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG) – the physician arm of Kaiser in Southern California. All 6000 of SCPMG’s providers received the Burnout Proof Live Workshop and One Minute Mindfulness training in 13 separate all day training events delivered throughout the SCPMG service area.

Additional training clients include Intermountain Medical Group in Salt Lake City, Utah and many others.

More impact milestones for included

- Crossing the threshold of 12,000 physician newsletter subscribers, now from 63 countries around the world

- Sales of the book “Stop Physician Burnout – what to do when working harder isn’t working”, crossed the 25,000 mark

- Five new physician coaches completed Physician Burnout Coach Certification Training and are now accepting new clients

- Collectively the coaches have now provided 2000 hours of one on one physician coaching to burned out physicians worldwide.

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In 2017 we will be rolling out our Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat and our Outsourced Corporate Burnout Coaching Services. There is no time to rest as further consolidation in the healthcare industry and uncertainty of what will happen to the Affordable Care Act will only add to the stresses on physicians in the coming year.

Hang on to your hats and stay tuned, the quality of the US healthcare system is in the balance”, says Dr. Drummond

About Dike Drummond MD and is the premier source of coaching, training and consulting to prevent physician burnout. CEO, Dike Drummond MD  is an executive coach, trainer and consultant with an international physician clientele.

He is the author of “Stop Physician Burnout – what to do when working harder isn’t working”, creator of the “Burnout Proof Live Workshop” and the “Quadruple Aim Blueprint”, a system-wide, proactive burnout prevention strategy.

Dr. Drummond has trained or consulted with over 60 major healthcare organizations in the last two years alone.

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Dike Drummond MD

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(1) Shanafelt TD, et al Mayo Clinic Proc December 2015 Volume 90, Issue 12, Pages 1600–1613

(2) Shanafelt T, JAMA. 2009 Sep 23;302(12):1338-40



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