A Quadruple Aim Culture Eats Physician Burnout for Breakfast

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

physician-burnout-quadruple-aim-physician-leadership-retreatIf there is a culture that eats physician burnout for breakfast, where do you find that restaurant and who is your server?

There IS a culture capable of eating burnout for breakfast.

A healthy workplace culture is more than a Unicorn - something you have heard of but never actually seen. Even in high stress, difficult situations, that culture will keep you connected, supporting and caring for each other. 

Unfortunately, the typical hostile, overloaded, Triple Aim whirlwind of a workplace culture in a healthcare organization will EAT YOU and your people for breakfast instead.



I invite you to put on your culture glasses for a moment. These are a lot like comic book X-ray spectacles -- only these lenses allow you to see the fabric of your workplace culture. Slide these glasses on and you can clearly see the informal attitudes and rules that govern the way we interact with each other while delivering patient care.

As you walk through your workplace, imagine your glasses can actually show you the answers to the questions below as thought bubbles above the heads of your people.

  • physician-burnout-prevention-healthcare-quadruple-aimIs our workplace culture one that supports my personal health and wellbeing?
  • Does our workplace culture value and support life balance and my interests outside of work?
  • Am I connected with and interested in my colleagues and staff as human beings, rather than just worker bees?
  • Does someone at work care about me as a person?
  • At work, do my opinions seem to count?
  • Do I have the equipment, staff support and time I need to do my work right?

What answers would you see through your culture glasses? Is your workplace culture one that chows down on burnout ... or on people instead?

Here's the tragedy ... I know you care and you want things to be different. You are reading a blog post from TheHappyMD.com for heaven's sake. You are one of the physician leaders who gets the Quadruple Aim. You understand that everyone suffers in the absence of a supportive, healthy, connected workplace culture -- especially the patients.

The culture that eats burnout for breakfast is
served up
and held in place
by Quadruple Aim leaders like you

This is Your Restaurant and You are the Server

Without Quadruple Aim leadership skill there is no supportive, caring culture for your people to stick a fork in. And I know for a fact that no one ever taught you how to lead the transformation to a Quadruple Aim organization.

Providing you with the practical tools and support to become an effective Physician Wellness Champion is why we created this very special retreat experience. We will teach you tools to build a culture where many more people say YES to the questions above much more often. We will show you how to hard wire the Quadruple Aim into your personal practice, your teams and your entire organization.  


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This unique event was created specifically for physicians in a straddle leadership position – seeing patients and holding a designated leadership position at the same time. This double part-time job description puts straddle leaders at unique risk for their own burnout and hamstrings their ability to be an effective leader.

  • Learn how to recognize and prevent physician burnout in yourself and your colleagues. Physician Leaders are at special risk for burnout for a simple reason: you were never taught about burnout or leadership in your medical education. Learn simple tools to take much better care of yourself and your people. 
  • Learn how to run better meetings, manage your boss, build more life balance, delegate effectively, deal with disruptive colleagues and much, much more.
  • Build your personal physician burnout prevention strategy and become a mentor and role model to your people. So often physician leaders actually model burnout for their people - exhausted, overwhelmed and distracted. Don't let this happen to you. 
  • Learn simple methods to build a culture of trust and engagement on your teams - even with your busy schedule. The fundamental currency of leadership is TRUST. Learn how to build trust with your people in every conversation.
  • Stop having to do all the work yourself -- learn how to get your people on board and pulling their weight right from the start of your projects - without having to order them around
  • Learn a burnout prevention strategy for your whole organization - just four parts, lead by a single committee - to install the Quadruple Aim in your culture.
  • We will also build an ongoing support community of like-minded leaders so you will never feel like you are alone in the trenches again. We will have a weekly group coaching phone calls and a private Facebook page for three months following the retreat. You will be able to post questions and request support 7 days a week and our entire group will pile in to help out. 

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That's all for now.

I hope to see you at the retreat in May and show you some simple, powerful tools to make a tasty meal of burnout to share with your people when you return home.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like personal support ...

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Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,



Dike Drummond MD


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