Save 1 Million Clicks a Day With One Simple Change

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

RFID-Tap-and-go-login-physician-burnout_opt150WStop Physician Burnout: Save a Million Clicks a Day With This One Simple Change

Every day, all over the world, physicians waste time and energy on EMR and other documentation tasks that completely obstruct our ability to provide a quality patient encounter.

I am talking about things we are forced to do on the computer that are a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME

These are computer tasks everyone knows add no value whatsoever to patient care. Their only consequence is increased stress and wasted time and energy for everyone involved.

Here is a simple - one step - inexpensive solution that will save well over a million clicks a day across the USA and instantly and permanently give every single provider back time and energy as soon as you plug the darn thing in. It really is that simple. Ready?



If there was ever a completely useless click ... it is the series of key strokes you must hammer into your computer - sometimes hundreds of times a day -  just to Log In to your rassin' frassin' work station.

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RFID Tap-and-go login technology has been around for years. This inexpensive tool and a name badge on a retractable lanyard and anyone can literally tap and type - no keystrokes required to Log In ... ever again.

I was at the AAFP Physician Wellbeing conference this weekend and watched as my friend Dr. Paul DeChant asked the 400 attendees, "How many of you still manually Log In to your computer?" --and a full 75% of the attendees at the event raised their hands. 

That is crazy here in 2018

It is diagnostic of a disconnect between senior leaders in the majority of US Healthcare Organizations and the reality of the stressors on front-line providers. 


If you have a computer where any member of your organization is documenting anything related to patient care IT IS AN ABUSIVE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TAP AND GO LOGIN. 

At the same time it is the single lowest hanging piece of fruit for stress reduction in healthcare.

Tap and Go Log In is the standard of care when it comes to caring about your people and the first act of a true Quadruple Aim Organization

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  • If you are a senior leader in an organization that does not have Tap-and-Go Log In on all your computers at this time - inpatient and outpatient - then get out your checkbook and make it right. Instant return on investment for you and your people will LOVE IT. It is the first project I recommend for any Burnout Prevention Working Group and an example of an authentic solution to a real problem for once. [ Share this article with your IT department to help them get over any tech or confidentiality concerns. ]

  • If you have Tap and Go ... good for you and congratulations. Step two to eliminate another complete time waster - is to put printers in all of your outpatient exam rooms. Write the check and make it so.


Please Join Me in a Social Media Campaign to make RFID Tap-and-Go Log In a standard of care for physicians/NP's and PA's across the USA

Let's use the hashtag #save1millionclicks ... you in?

Sample Tweets:

Stop Physician Burnout - Save 1 Million Clicks a Day by simply installing Tap-and-Go RFID Log In on all US Healthcare Computers. If it has EMR, it needs Tap-and-Go Log In #save1millionclicks

Stop Physician Burnout - RFID Tap-and-Go Log In saves time and energy within minutes of installation. Attention Leaders: Write the Check Today #save1millionclicks

Stop Physician Burnout - If a computer has EMR, it should have RFID Tap-and-Go Log In. Anything less is a workplace design failure and a proximate cause of burnout  #save1millionclicks

Stop Physician Burnout - eliminate computer tasks that are a complete waste of time. Things like manual Log In to your computer. Attention Leaders - make Tap and Go your first #QuadrupleAim project #save1millionclicks



  1. Do you have Tap-and-Go? What difference has it made in your work day.
  2. If not ... what does your leadership tell you when you ask for it?


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