Stop Physician Burnout - Beat back the Whirlwind Today in just twenty minutes

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stop Physician Burnout - Beat back the Whirlwind TodayPhysician Burnout - Defeat the Whirlwind Today

The universal experience of working with patients is one of OVERWHELM. No matter where you are on the care team; physician, APP, MA, Nurse, Reception - you are attacked from all sides the minute you walk into your practice in a literal tornado of stuff coming your way.

Some of it makes sense, much of it does not and all of it saps your energy and dominates your life ... if you let it.

The WhirlWind will WIN this battle if you don't take some time to build your life balance/burnout prevention strategy. Once you recognize the hypnotic power of the whirlwind and understand you can win this battle ... the next steps are not complicated.

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It can be as simple as this ...

Sit down with your family and decide just one thing you want to change or one target you want to hit in the next 4 months.

What is one thing you want to ... 
- Stop Doing
- OR Start Doing
- OR one thing you want to plan/experience/check off your list
In the next 120 days????

THEN TYPE IT IN HERE and let us (and fist bump baby) Help You Make it Happen.

The fun part here is: your one thing doesn't even have to be about work.

What's your One Thing?


Ready for more?
If you want to take this one step further, get started building your Ideal Practice Description and taking one step at a time in that direction.

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