Physician Leadership Lesson of the Day - Harm does not Require Malice

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

When managers/leaders drive for production in the face of physician burnout ... this becomes the leadership lesson of the day.

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Unfortunately the absence of empathy and understanding is something the same physician leader is often completely unaware of.

This is the origin of leadership statements like this: "What's your problem that you can't see more patients/get your charts done/show up at all the department meetings?"

Physician Leadership Empathy is the number one skill of a quality leader. Empathy when your people are in pain ... drives curiosity, which drives creativity and innovation.

  • It feels good to lead a team that feels good about their work.
  • I so wish it felt really bad to lead a team that feels bad about their work
  • AND that the physician leaders first instinct would be to LOOK IN THE MIRROR
  • And ask, "What can I/We change to make it easier to take good care of our patients?"


Have you experienced this from your physician leaders?
What have you found to work in raising their awareness?

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