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Posted by Dike Drummond MD

physician burnout ZdoggMD tedmed 2013 dike drummondPhysician Burnout Births the first MD Rapper who will now Revolutionize American Healthcare- and I Believe Him

Zubin Damania MD is a second generation primary care doctor with a young family who burned out of his Bay Area internal medicine practice a while back - for all the right reasons.

Inspired by the lack of talent necessary to rack up millions of views on YouTube ... and in spite of his physician father's best advice to not take risks ... he threw his hat into the ring as ZDoggMD the rapping doctor. His raps cover life as a physician all the way to rhyming STD ditties.

After garnering over 1,000,000 hits on YouTube, he was invited by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos to design the innovative new healthcare delivery clinic in the world changing revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, NV - the Downtown Project (say wwhhaatt ??!)

He has a blank slate, checkbook backing and a visionary team to recreate primary care from the ground up. Could his clinic be the future of healthcare as we know it? ... Independent of insurance, team based in a provider friendly workplace? Time will tell and I would love to be a player on that team. (or a fly on the wall)

No matter what, Dr. Z's journey from physician burnout to the clinic of the future is an inspiration to us all. Here is one example of what can happen when you surrender to your ideals and desires and step out of the downward spiral a traditional medical practice so often produces.

He covers all this and more in this TedMed Video that is as funny as it is inspirational. A Must Watch


... on your experience of burnout, renewal and what you think of the new vision of healthcare emerging in Downtown Las Vegas (baby yeah)



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