Senior Leaders this is what a Psychopath looks like. Please Fire Them.

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

How to spot a psychopath inside a complex bureaucracy.

It is a consistent feature of bureaucracy. Psychopath doctors and senior leaders almost never get walked out of the building despite years of complaints and truly outrageous behavior. When they finally are fired or brought to justice just a small amount of digging reveals National-Enquirer-headline-style shenanigans.

Here is the latest in the healthcare industry press:

Prominent Johns Hopkins physician on leave amid misdiagnosis, bullying claims

You can read the details. They will sound familiar. 

... "multiple comments by pathology physicians and residents stating they did not feel comfortable speaking up regarding 'intimidation' or 'bullying' behavior by a department leader, indicating they were forced to change diagnoses, issue addendums and defer to the leader's wishes over several years, thereby potentially leading to harm to patients."


This is a complete failure of leadership.

They failed to take appropriate actions at any point in a multiple-year history of suspicious, self-serving and dangerous verbal tirades and actions - all occurring in a healthcare workplace.

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