The meteoric rise of Virtual Medicine - We LOVE IT

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

virtual medicine physician work from homeHey Physicians! How much do you LOVE seeing patients in virtual visits from your HOME Computer - rather than from your office/hospital work station??

In our monthly Physicians on Purpose community support call last night, we brainstormed our list of positives.

Here's what we have so far:

  • No commute
  • Sleep in later 
  • Get outside
  • Pets stopping by to say hello
  • Eat better
  • Have time for short meditation
  • Less interruptions by staff
  • Able to think in complete thoughts and sentences
  • Better control over your home environment
  • Most patients are happy with it too
  • Separation from patient’s emotional negative energy
  • No need for PPE
  • No virus exposure/danger

The only complaints were from doctors with kids at home and no backup.

Those who were delivering virtual visits from their office workstation were less satisfied. Just notice how many of the benefits above are null and void if you are in the office.

Most on the call confessed that it will be difficult to go back to the office if that is what the new normal looks like down the road.

Makes you wonder just how much of the in-person visits we have always taken for granted can be replaced by virtual -- and how that will alter the quality and effectiveness of our care?

There is a bell ringing loud and clear for the massive adoption of virtual care as the standard of care.

In the future I wonder if we will discover that you CAN'T UN-RING THAT BELL?

And everyone on the call said their patients love virtual visits too. I don't think patients will let us un-ring this bell either. 


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What would you add to this list of benefits to virtual care delivered from home?? 


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