Remembering the History of Medicine - the Teatro Anatomico

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

teatro-anatomico_opt150W.jpgSometimes, when you are feeling down about the stresses of modern medicine, it can be a small comfort to remember how far we have come as a profession

From the four humors and leeches to the "magic" we are sometimes able to perform on behalf of our patients. Here is a blast from the past for sure. 

Watch the short video below for a tour of one of the first anatomy dissection teaching theaters, build in 1637 - the TEATRO ANATOMICO

The carved, wooden ampitheater is on the campus of the oldest continously operating university in the world - the University of Bologna, in Bologna, Italy.

The "Spilatti", wooden statues of skinless men, adorn the "pulpit" where the instructor lectured as the dissection progressed. Galen and Hippocrates watch over the students from the walls and Apollo hangs from the ceiling. And you won't believe the walls of the lecture halls or the size of the stacks of literally ANCIENT texts. 

Enjoy ... 

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