Prevent Physician Burnout - three proven tools

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

prevent physician burnout proven toolsWhere can you turn for field-tested tools to prevent physician burnout?

If you search the internet for help, often all you see is "list articles".  

You know the ones. They usually have a title something like, "17 things doctors can do to prevent burnout". Then you look and the tools are things like

  • Get more sleep
  • Count your blessings
  • Don't forget to have more fun
  • Volunteer
  • Learn something new
    (BTW, these are real examples, some from the AMA website no less)

Now that kind of advice is fine. BUT, they never tell you how to do these things or where to find the time in the first place. As a full time executive coach working with hundreds of physician clients I can tell you this for sure - if these are the only steps you take ... your stress levels and burnout risk won't budge.

Most likely these so-called tools will make things worse because you will blame yourself when nothing changes.

Let's get you some real tools, tested and proven effective in the real world by hundreds of physicians like you. First I have some questions for you ...

Is your practice a genuine battle ground?

You still love seeing patients but all the EMR and data entry tasks leave you completely spent by the end of the day. Sometimes it seems like a battle between face time with the patient and charting.

Or maybe you really like your practice - but there are still a couple of stressful issues you haven't been able to change. 

Either way, a quote from Einstein points us to a method to find the way back.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

For the practicing physician this means - you can't solve the problems in your practice while you are working in your practice. You are too busy, too distracted, too immersed in the problems themselves to be able to see solutions.

You have to get out of your practice and look at what you are doing from a new perspective. This is the only way to see what's not working with the clarity required to know what you need to change.

We are not talking about picking a tip from an internet list article. This is taking a good look in the mirror at the habits that have you stuck - and engineering a way forward. This is how you put burnout to its highest and best use.

On weekends, on vacation or a retreat, on a coaching call, in the evenings in the slower summer months are perfect times to 

  • Take out your Journal
  • Write down your Ideal Practice Description
  • And pick a new action you will take this week to address one of the issues you know you want to change

You don't have to do this all alone. We can help.

Here are three specific tool kits thousands of physicians like you have used to find their way forward. We have done the work to test them in the real world and know they work for any physician in any specialty. Each will provide you with...

  • New perspective and awareness
  • New ideas and action steps to stop the drain and frustration
  • New ways to build a more Ideal Practice and a more Balanced Life


1) Heart of the Healer Retreat 

prevent physician burnout heart of the healer retreat

Step off the Treadmill of Your Job as a Doctor For 5 Full Days of Rest - Recharge - Rejuvenation - And Build an Authentic Breakthrough to a Richer, More Balanced Life and a More Fulfilling Practice

This is a very intimate group of only eight like-minded physicians. 

  • We have a hand picked and compatible group
  • a world-class setting
  • a proven retreat structure
  • bullet proof follow up

... all that is missing is you.

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"The time I spent at the retreat away from my life, the collegiality of my peers, and the regular ongoing support afterwards that is a unique part of the program, gave me the time and permission to reflect, explore and redirect my professional life.

One year after signing up, I am much more content and joyful. I have been able to reconnect with the basic pleasure of just seeing patients.

My wife and staff tell me it was the best money I ever spent. Highly recommended.”

Thomas Davis MD FAAFP - HOTH 2014 participant


stop physician burnout book 2) "Stop Physician Burnout" - the first step-by-step guide to building a more Ideal Practice for any physician in any specialty

Over 120 different tools - all proven effective by real doctors in the trenches of modern patient care.

The Amazon reviews are 100% Five Stars

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3) Prevent Physician Burnout With These Mobile Apps

Lower stress, learn a new prevention tool, instant relaxation with guided imagery and meditation audios.

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This could be the time when everything turns the corner. We both know list articles aren't what you need. You are looking for real change and want tools that you know will work.

These three resources can help you find new solutions to old problems and put you on the path to a more Ideal Practice.

That's all for now. 

CLICK HERE to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like immediate help.

Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,


Dike Drummond MD



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