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physician-burnout-quote-seth-godin_opt150.jpgPhysician Burnout and The problem with complaining about the system - By Seth Godin that the system can't hear you. Only people can.

And the problem is that people in the system are too often swayed to believe that they have no power over the system, that they are merely victims of it, pawns, cogs in a machine bigger than themselves.

Alas, when the system can't hear you, and those who can believe they have no power, nothing improves.

Systems don't mistreat us, misrepresent us, waste our resources, govern poorly, support an unfair status quo and generally screw things up--people do.

If we care enough, we can make it change."

~ Seth Godin


I could not have said this better myself - especially as it applies to Physician Burnout

The system is a snapshot in time of "the way we do things around here". It is not an autonomous and immutable reality holding you under its thumb.

When you complain about the system - blaming everything on forces beyond your control, Obamacare, Big Data or anything you believe to be outside your control - and fail to change what you are doing -- you fall right back into the bear trap of Einstein's Insanity Definition.

Systems are made by people and can be altered, re-shaped and honed by people. 

Where there is a will and a critical mass of people who care and who believe change is possible --  there is a way to bring the new Quadruple Aim into play in  your organization. 

The only question we all face is this:

Will you play a role in changing the current system or will you continue to fall victim to it?


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The extended quote at the start of this post is today's blog post from one of my favorite authors - Seth Godin. You can see the original post and subscribe to his excellent blog here: 


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