Our Strategic Partnership with SE Healthcare

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

stop physician burnout se healthcare dike drummond the happy md physician burnout prevention programTheHappyMD.com Strategic Partnership with SE Healthcare

TheHappyMD.com has recently formed a joint venture and strategic partnership with SE Healthcare to create and launch The Physician Burnout Prevention Program, the most comprehensive enterprise-level physician burnout strategy on the market.

The program uses a unique, customizable survey tool, to identify the level of physician burnout, then delivers proven tools to lower stress and prevent burnout at two levels:
- for the individual physician taking the survey
- and the leadership team overseeing the culture and systems of care

The embedded Enrichment Center is a comprehensive library of short educational videos, documents, audio recordings and other high-impact resources available exclusively to program subscribers.

This provides individual physicians with personalized resilience training and leaders with the aggregate information to target their system-level burnout prevention activities.

  • SE Healthcare  empowers physicians through powerful data analytics tools helping providers and organizations improve quality, safety and financial health, and to address critical issues like physician burnout.
  • TheHappyMD.com has experience helping over 30,000 doctors and over 170 organization's prevent physician burnout. Through our work as a coach, trainer and consultant to physicians, we have identified 235 proven methods to prevent physician burnout.

Our partnership with SE Healthcare is designed to provide large physician employers with a scalable method to target their physician wellbeing efforts for the most impact. Our intention is to create a shorter path to the triple competitive advantage of the Quadruple Aim

Learn more about SE Healthcare’s Physician Burnout Prevention Program ›

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