The Formula for Physician Engagement

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physician engagement physician alignment dike drummond opt 150WThe Formula for Physician Engagement 

The Quadruple Aim Blueprint - four steps to system-wide burnout prevention. Download your copy of this Free White Paper here


Dear Physician Leader, Medical Director, CMO,

How can you get your doctors actively engaged and participating
- without having to beg or threaten - and finally become the trusted leader you’ve always wanted to be?  

There is an invisible epidemic among your doctors that has a profoundly negative effect on the quality of care and patient satisfaction in your organization right now. It actively blocks the physicians ability to trust and follow your leadership. No matter how hard you work to engage them.

Are any of these true for you:

=> Does it feel like a never ending struggle to get doctors to do the leadership work it takes to stay competitive and keep the business profitable?
=> Are you frustrated at the lack of respect and trust you get from the physicians you represent?

=> Do you feel like you are fighting for the doctors in the Board Room, but they don’t notice or care and won’t pitch in to help out?

=> Have you seen good doctors become disruptive, causing conflicts and losing patients - when their concerns were valid?

=> Do you wonder what will happen to your doctors and your position if something doesn’t change soon?

The Invisible Epidemic

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your doctors are have untreated symptoms of Physician Burnout ... and it is driving them to disengage from their natural position as leaders in your organization.

When Christina Maslach first discovered "burnout" in her ground breaking work in the 1970's, she described as the opposite of engagement. They actually occupy the two ends of a continuum. Burnout on one side and Engagement on the other.  This brings gives us the key to engagement. You will naturally build engagement with any activity that addresses burnout.

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The modern burnout epidemic is so common your doctors are conditioned to believe it is 'normal'.  It is not.

Burned out doctors lack the understanding of basic stress management, leadership skills and business principles and are unable to fully contribute to your organization. And recent surveys show burnout averages up to 50% of physicians on any given day.

Here is the good news. Most physicians desperately want to participate in improving the organization, however they don't know how to lead or follow or take care of their own self care needs. All of these things end up in up becoming your responsibility when they shouldn’t be.

Let's make this really simple. The Formula for Physician Engagement is the Creative Destruction of Physician Burnout.

You Can Stop Pushing Rope

There are research proven solutions that will address burnout and create immediate physician engagement for your doctors.

Traditional “Leadership Development” courses take too long to implement, worsen the basic trust issues and never get to the root of the problem. Leading your doctors will always be a struggle until you build engagement by addressing the doctor’s missing skill sets.

quadruple-aim-blueprint-target-physician-leadership-training_opt.jpgThe Quadruple Aim Blueprint

This step-by-step process addresses the fundamental causes of Burnout, building trust, participation and engagement of your physicians and staff at the same time.

This simple, easily deployed system is designed to

  • Quickly identify and address the three most important ways to lower the doctors stress. We use a simple survey process to get them working with you for the common good right away.
  • Plug the gaps in their medical education with simple, easily implemented tools to lower stress and prevent burnout. These mini trainings immediately lower stress and improve the work experience and quality of care for the entire clinical team.
  • Stop constantly be putting out fires by putting doctors in charge of addressing continuous quality improvement.
  • Create a “ladder of trust” that has your physicians willingly follow you even if they never have before.

The entire process builds caring, participation and engagement into the culture of your organization. You will see resistance to innovation and change drop as trust levels rise and the silos between administration and the clinical staff weaken and fall away.

If you want to get your doctors engaged and participating without all the stress and struggle and finally make the difference you hoped when you stepped into this leadership position ... 

I hope to share this innovative program with you soon,


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Dike Drummond MD

CEO, The Happy MD

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