18 Silly ICD-10 Codes

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

ICD-10-silly-codes-Fotolia_8715928_XS_opt150WICD-10 launch has come and gone and we all survived

Fortunately the silliness continues. Here are some Monty Python worthy ICD-10 codes for your enjoyment along with some curious holes in ICD-10 we cannot explain. In fact, the sillier this gets, the more you realize ICD-10 is not nearly as comprehensive as it truly needs to be.  ;-)

18 Silly ICD-10 Codes

- Bitten by a cow - W55.21

There are no references to any injuries from bulls. How do the Pamplona ER docs cope with this shocking oversight.

- Pecked by a chicken - W61.33
- Struck by a Macaw - W61.12

There are also references to parrot induced injuries (bite or collision with) but no references to roosters, peacocks, ostriches or parakeets. The catch all "other bird" category must suffice.

- Pedestrian injured in collision with roller skater V00.01
- Pedestrian on skateboard injured in collision with other non-motor vehicle in non-traffic accident - V06.02XA

Let's see here. That would be you on a skateboard colliding with your sister on her bike in the driveway ???

- Prison swimming pool as the external cause location Y92.146

When it comes to locations within a prison in ICD-10, you can also choose from kitchen, dining room, bathroom, cell and courtyard.

- Problems in relationship with in-laws Z63.1
- Hurt at the library - Y92.241
- Injured at the opera - Y92.253
- Injured while knitting or crocheting - Y93.D1
- Bitten by an Orca whale - W56.21XA
- Bitten by a sea lion - W56.11
- Toxic effect of rattlesnake venom, intentional self-harm - T63.012A

Hang on just a minute. Is this where I threaten to commit suicide by holding a rattlesnake to my neck, "Don't come any closer or I will make this snake bite me." Which brings up all the other venomous snakes I might choose instead ... all of which are conspicuously absent from ICD-10.

According to Wikipedia the five most deadly are ... 

  • Inland taipan
  • Dubois' sea snake
  • Eastern brown snake (Australia)
  • Yellow bellied sea snake
  • Peron's sea snake

Then there are whole categories of boating and other aquatic silliness.

- Burn due to water skis on fire - V91.07
- Submersion due to jumping from burning fishing boat V90.22XA
- Struck by falling object due to canoe accident - V91.35
- Sucked into a jet engine subsequent encounter - V97.33XD

Here's what the most interesting man in the world has to say about this one.

And last but not least ...

- Prolonged stay in weightless environment - X52.XXXA



What is your favorite silly ICD-10 code and how did you and your team survive the 10-1-2015 launch date?

(this post is adapted from this post at Medical Economics)