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"Changed my toxic work situation"

"I started to feel better about my life within a couple weeks of beginning our conversations. I knew that I had an ally and friend. I realized that my feelings were predictable based on my circumstances, that I was “normal”. For the first time in years I had real hope that things would change for the better.

We worked together to find and interview for a new position in the worst job market for my specialty the recruiters have ever experienced. With Dike’s help and persistent positive attitude, I found a new position at a group that really cares about the doctors and I start in two weeks.

For me, the program has been worth everything. It has enabled me to emerge from my depression, change my toxic work situation, improve my home and family life, and allow myself to be happy and realize that I deserve to be happy.”

~ Anonymous MD



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Stress and Doctors – Cultivating Your Monk(ey) Mind


doctors and stress mindfulness meditation 150x150Stress and Doctors = Mindfulness Meditation

The research is becoming overwhelming that Mindfulness Meditation is the most powerful moment to moment stress reducing, burnout preventing technique for physicians. The challenge is getting that awareness out of the ivory towers of research and translating it into simple techniques a  practicing doctor can use on the fly.

Enter Leo Babauta of  the blog Zen Habits ( )

Leo has one of the most popular blogs in the world and teaches Zen meditation techniques in little bite size chunks.

Here is a post from the blog Uncommon Student MD outlining how to get started in meditation using tips from Leo’s blog. Very simple and powerful stuff. Click the link and check it out for yourself … and keep breathing.


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