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Fresh Ideas – World Class Support

As a consultant and coach, I am proud to bring 14 years experience in
one-on-one and group coaching, business development, training design
and delivery – and even marketing, when it is required – to bear on your
biggest challenges.

With my experience as a primary care provider, physician leader and
entrepreneur, I guarantee you fresh ideas and world class implementation support from our very first interaction.

In all cases our initial consultation is a free service focused on helping you clarify your goals. We can connect via phone or Skype anywhere in the world to discuss what is possible in your situation. Once you are clear on the changes in your life or organization you would like to make … we can get started on planning and taking the appropriate action steps.

We are proud to provide cutting edge coaching and program design and implementation support in the following areas.


Physician Wellness Program Design and Implementation

20 years of repeated studies show that – on average – one in three physicians is suffering
from burnout on any given office day, worldwide regardless of specialty. Burnout has a
pervasive negative influence on quality of care, patient satisfaction and your bottom line.

It is an ethical imperative and simple good business to monitor and prevent burnout in
your physician group by any means possible.

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Physician Coaching Services

As an experienced primary care doctor and executive coach I can support you reaching
your goals much more quickly than you can on your own … in the following areas

- Stress Management and Burnout Prevention
- Career Transition
- Physician On-Boarding into a New Position
- Leadership Development

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Disruptive Physician Intervention Services

When you have a valued partner with a history of disruptive behavior, our Disruptive
Physician Services offers a compassionate and comprehensive last chance with
an 80% success rate.

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For innovative, new ideas to help with any other challenges
you may be facing…



I look forward to talking with you soon.

Until then, keep breathing and have a great rest of your day.

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Dike Drummond MD