Disruptive Physician Behavior that Must End Now?

Learn How to Quickly Stop the Behavior,
Rehabilitate the Doctor
and Get This Problem Off Your Plate For Good

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Once the disruptive physician is enrolled in the program we REMOVE THIS ISSUE FROM YOUR PLATE OF RESPONSIBILITIES by taking complete responsibility for coaching and follow up.

The three components of our disruptive physician services are:

1) A physician specific 360 assessment
- All staff in direct contact are invited to participate – this can be over 100 people in some cases
- Provides clear and undeniable feedback to the disruptive physician
- The results of this 360 are normalized to a population of physicians – it is truly physician specific

2) A Mandatory Leadership Development Program
- The doctor signs a contract that commits him to the program
- Contains a specific behavioral contract

3) Weekly Physician Coaching
- Focus is on learning and practicing skills in awareness, emotional intelligence, communication and leadership
- The physician specific 360 is repeated at 3 month intervals until all measurements fall into normal range


We also help you
- Draft the contract documents that establish the Mandatory Leadership Development Program
- AND provide detailed coaching on how to present this program to the disruptive physician


What Our Clients Say:

[COMPLETE Program Details Follow These Testimonials]

“Took 70% of the work Off My Plate”
~ Managing Partner

“Dr. Drummond showed us a way to cut through the façade that a disruptive doctor can erect and get to dealing with the problem directly and quickly. He was able to paint an extremely accurate picture of our day to day experience after just our initial Discovery Session.

Dike was able to show me and our full board a precise way to take action and offer our doctor his one last chance in a way that seemed like it could work.

Our doctor’s behavior dramatically changed for the better within days of beginning work with Dike. I was surprised that the telephone consultation and coaching work would be as effective as it has been.

This one change has taken 70% of my work as managing partner off my plate. It has removed a great deal of my personal frustration-wanting to make the situation better but feeling inadequate both in skills and time to deal with this issue.

This process has relieved the interpersonal stress between partners that was disrupting the group dynamics. Everyone is more relaxed and we are optimistic that the process will ultimately be successful.”

~ Dr. Bill G. – Managing Partner


“Made a seemingly insurmountable problem much more manageable”
~ Physician Group Leader

“I was surprised that even in the very initial Discovery session was like talking to an old friend. Dike listened attentively and responded with a remarkable mix of intelligence, understanding, and sensitivity. Conversations, even about difficult and vexing issues, were easy-going and encouraging.

Dike helped me develop a powerful set of tools to tackle a very challenging situation. He is a strong ally. I felt that I did not have to solve some particularly difficult (managerial) problems alone. Our conversations led to a much broader view of the issues and a deeper understanding of effective methods to address them.

Dike was able to distill out the relevant issues and develop an effective and compassionate strategy. Moreover, he was able to communicate this strategy in a straightforward, comprehensible way based on knowledge, experience and empathy. Knowing this made a seemingly insurmountable problem much more manageable. I used Dike’s coaching and advice to help a colleague through a difficult time.”

~ Physician Private Practice Group Leader


“Vastly Improved”
~ a formerly “Disruptive Physician”

“Before I started working with Dike my work had become increasingly stressful with unrealistic expectations of my colleagues, my co-workers and myself. I kept telling myself I could hold it together and things would get better but knew deep down I was kidding myself. I kept waiting for my circumstances to change to make me happier but they never did.

One of the first big things that showed me how miserable my situation had become was my initial 360 report. (23 of 30 Skills in “Red Zone” at > 2 S.D. below the physician specific mean)  Dike was effective in dissecting out my weaknesses, as well as my strengths, and was to point them each out to me clearly and without judgment. Through our weekly calls I have learned how to recognize when situations are getting stressful and then how to manage the stress in a way where everyone feels good afterwards.

I can honestly say I enjoy my practice much more since starting coaching. I am better able to deal with the stresses and the people around me can tell a difference. My follow-up 360 was vastly improved. (22 of the original 23 “Red Zone” skills resolved in just 3 months)

My wife, family and friends can tell a big difference as well – some have no idea what has brought about the change but they like what they see.

When I first started with Dike I had no idea what to expect but I entered the process with an open mind. I was surprised to find out he is a physician who had dealt with similar issues so I felt he could understand what was going on with me. He is easy to speak with and is expert at breaking down real-life experiences to demonstrate where reactions were favorable or unfavorable. He holds me accountable, which is important for me, and over time I have come to look forward to our coaching calls.”

~ a formerly “Disruptive Physician”

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Disruptive Physician Intervention PROGRAM DETAILS

When you hear that term … which one of your colleagues comes to mind?

It is only rarely I meet a doctor who comes up with a blank when asked this question. We all know – or have known – a “disruptive physician”. Disruptive physician behavior is a reliable feature of the landscape in the practice of medicine AND a classic sign of career threatening burnout for the disruptive doctor.

If you are a Managing Partner, Department Chair, CMO, Medical Director or CEO, how can you stop wasting so much time and energy cleaning up this doctor’s messes ?

AND what can you do when when you have reached this point … the disruptive physician must change or they have to go ?

This webpage can be the beginning of a process to successfully intervene with your disruptive physician, returning them to a valued place in your organization and eliminating the behaviors that have been so challenging to you and your staff.

Please read on to learn

=> The structure of and rationale behind our Disruptive Physician Intervention Program
=> How to book a Disruptive Physician Consult for specific strategic advice in your situation


Let’s get clear on definitions first …
When I say
” Disruptive Physician “, here is the doctor I am talking about …

=> A man in his 40's or 50's

=> A good doctor
No one questions the quality of the care this doctor provides. You feel comfortable handing over even complicated patients to them when they are on call. They may even be a senior partner in your group or senior member of your department.

=> A pattern of disruptive behavior
The office or hospital staff is very uncomfortable working alongside this doctor because of an unpredictable pattern of disruptive behavior that typically comes in one of two forms

- Outwardly focused – explosive, yelling, throwing objects and having tantrums

- Inwardly focused – piercing stares, seething, very negative energy and “vibes”, brutal sarcasm and ridicule

The behavior can come out of the blue, is upsetting to the staff and sometimes their physician colleagues (meaning, you) — and it has been going on for years. You may have staff that refuse to work with him. You may be “scheduling around him” at this point.

=> The disruptive physician is clearly NOT abusing alcohol or drugs or mentally ill. They do not meet the criteria for the diagnosis of ” impaired physician ”

=> They seem to be a completely different and more likeable person when they are not at work. The differences are obvious and only make things more confusing

=> You have spoken to them several times and things have not changed. They understand your concerns and yet the behavior continues

=> It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to deal with the messes they make
If you are the managing partner or department chair responsible for dealing with the fallout of this disruptive physician behavior — it can take up 40 – 50% of your administrative time and more. You may be at the point where no one on staff will work with this disruptive doctor. Nothing in your training prepared you for this and nothing you have tried seems to work

=> You have come to the point where the behavior must change or you will have to fire the disruptive physician.

=> You don’t want to be forced to fire them or kick them out
They are a high quality clinician and have a long history of being a productive member of your group or department. And you don’t know what else to do

=> It is time to take action and you want to give them one last chance

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How do you Intervene and Rehabilitate this Disruptive Physician ?

It is one thing to have a disruptive physician behavior policy in your organization and be in compliance with Joint Commission rules. However, a policy is of no use to you now. You need a structure for this last act of compassion.

There is a part of you that is sad it has come to this point … and yet you realize you have no choice.

The disruptive physician behavior and its consequences cannot continue.

An Effective Disruptive Physician Intervention Process

We use a four step model in our disruptive physician coaching process to create a Mandated Physician Leadership Development Program

Intervene – Evaluate – Educate – Rehabilitate

Disruptive Physician Step #1: Intervene

You must create a rock solid set of binding agreements with the disruptive physician.

The process of behavior change works best if there is a true ultimatum with well defined boundaries, a code of conduct and clear communication of how the disruptive physician succeeds and fails going forward. It is often necessary to make the disruptive physician’s continued employment with your group – or membership in the department – contingent on 100% compliance with your intervention agreement.

This agreement includes mandatory participation in a “Physician Leadership
Development Program”
including the Physician 360 Assessment below and compliance with the recommendations developed using the 360 assessment results. From this point forward all staff are told the disruptive physician is participating in a “leadership development program”.

I work directly with your physician leader(s) to craft the intervention document and coach you on how to present it to the disruptive physician.

Disruptive Physician Step #2: Evaluate

If the disruptive physician agrees to participate …

We use a physician specific 360 assessment of leadership and communication skills to gather information from as many co-workers as possible. When this is complete we may have pooled feedback from as many as 100 raters in your various clinic and office settings. The areas where the disruptive physician is rated 2 or more standard deviations below normal are flagged as red squares on the 360 assessment report. Disruptive Physicians typically have a “sea of red” on their reports with no ambiguity of the sup-par quality of their communication and leadership skills.

The 360 Assessment findings are vital for two important reasons

1) They provide impeccable legitimacy and statistical validity to your concerns.
The 360 Assessment is normalized to a physician-specific data set. It compares your disruptive physician directly to other physicians.

The 360 Assessment pools data from a large number of “raters”. There is no way the disruptive physician can continue to argue this is a “witch hunt” or a personality conflict between them and just a couple of individuals

2) The 360 gives us a way to target our intervention
The results can be used to precisely target the training and coaching the physician receives to match their own deficit pattern.

The 360 Assessment can also clue us into the potential need for a more in depth psychological evaluation, depending on the comments from the raters.

With the disruptive physician 360 assessment results in hand, we craft a specific coaching program to address the deficit pattern and an agreement with the disruptive physician to comply with the weekly coaching sessions and follow up 360 assessments at 3 month intervals

The disruptive physician also agrees that any “significant episodes” of disruptive behavior during the course of this leadership development program are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Disruptive Physician Step #3: Educate

If the disruptive physician agrees to participate …

We use the physician 360 assessment results to design a targeted weekly coaching program delivered by a physician peer who is experienced in burnout and burnout recovery and prevention – Dr. Drummond.

Typically these physician coaching sessions cover emotional awareness, emotional coping skills and emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills and general empathetic support for the disruptive physician. We often also work extensively on mindfulness and work life balance.

The leadership development program agreement mandates the disruptive physician’s attendance in the coaching sessions.

360 Assessments are repeated at 3 month intervals until there are 4 in a row with no “red lights” – signifying performance of >2 SD below the mean on an individual skill. The “4 in a row” criteria is highly correlated with successful long term rehabilitation of the disruptive physician. If we end the program with just one satisfactory 360 assessment, recidivism rates are very high.

Disruptive Physician Step #4: Rehabilitate

The goal for this mandated physician leadership development program is complete rehabilitation of the disruptive physician in the eyes of the staff and their colleagues. Our mutual goal is that they become a valued and productive member of the group or department and the disruptive behaviors that brought you to this web page have been completely and permanently extinguished.

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and how to give your disruptive physician colleague their one last chance

Stop using your valuable time and energy to putting out fires caused by Disruptive Physicians.

Use the link above to book your consult and learn more.

Years from now this disruptive physician will thank you for believing in them enough to make the leadership development program available.

I look forward to talking with you soon. Contact Me Directly if you have any questions

Keep breathing,


Dike Drummond MD




Disruptive Physician Services | The Happy MD

One of the single most frustrating duties of any leader in any healthcare organization is dealing with a persistently disruptive physician. Dr. Dike Drummond here at TheHappyMD.com with a quick video to show you how our disruptive physician services can deal with this behavior effectively and compassionately, returning this disruptive doctor to his position as a productive member of your group or staff and take the problem completely off of your plate.

So that you and I are on the same page, this is the disruptive physician I’m talking about. They are a good doctor. They may actually be the most clinically talented on your staff or in your group. They have a multi-year history of disruptive physician behavior. They intimidate the staff around them and their colleagues. There may be staff members who refuse to work with them and you may be having to schedule around them at this point.

They are clearly not mentally ill or abusing drugs or alcohol. When you see them in a social setting, not at work, they’re a totally different person. None of this disruptive physician behavior occurs and it’s confusing. You and others have spoken to them multiple times and despite their promises, nothing has changed. You’re still spending way too much time cleaning up their messes over and over again. It’s gotten to the point that you and your partners have decided they must change or they must go. You want to give them one last chance because it would really be a tragedy to lose them, but you really don’t know what that means or how to begin.

Our Disruptive Physician Program creates a solid context for this “last chance” and it has an 85% success rate over 250 physicians and counting.

The program has three main components.

1) A physician-specific 360-degree assessment. Every staff member who works directly with this disruptive physician will be asked to give feedback on their communication and leadership skills. This gives massive validation to your concerns and shows these clear areas in which we can focus their physician leadership development program. The 360 is normalized to a physician population so it’s comparing this doctor to a universe of other doctors.

2) A mandatory physician leadership development program and a set of contracts that commits the disruptive physician to the program

3) Weekly coaching with a physician coach skilled in awareness development, communication skills, and physician leadership development. We continue to perform physician specific 360-assessment at three months intervals in order to gauge progress.

We also help you draft the contracts, create the physician leadership program, and coach you on how to present this contract and the program to the disruptive physician.

If you are challenged by disruptive physician behavior right now, I would love to connect and discuss the disruptive physician program in detail and help you take some focused next steps.

If you look down below this video frame, you’ll see a link to my online schedule. Click that, you’ll see my availability, and in one click, it will set us up with a phone call appointment to discuss this in detail. We could be speaking within days.

Once your disruptive physician is inside the program, we take all responsibility for all the physician coaching and arranging the 360 assessments, basically taking this issue off your plate. One of our clients told us recently that the disruptive physician behavior stopped the moment he entered the program and it took 70% of their administrative hassles away in one move.

So again, Dike Drummond here with TheHappyMD.com. Click the link down below this video frame and let’s connect to give your disruptive physician one last compassionate chance to take their rightful place as a contributing and valued member of your staff or group. I hope to talk to you soon. In the meantime, keep breathing and you have a great rest of your day.