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Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Social Networks on the Web:

Each of these social networks has its own “flavor” and many of them are Physician-only membership. Please click and explore to find the most supportive community for your individual needs.
“The Largest Online Network, Exclusive to Physicians” 

“The largest online and mobile physician community” 

Doctor’s Hangout
“A Personal& Professional Networking Site for Doctors& Medical Students Worldwide” 

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE) 

The Doctor’s Channel
“Internet TV for Doctors”
“The Private Network for Physicians” 

“The International Medical Community” 

The Integrative Practitioner
“Community for integrative healthcare professionals” 

Physician Support Sites and Blogs:

Healthworks Collective
“The world’s best thinkers on healthcare” 

Physician’s Practice
“Your practice your way” 

“Business and technology intelligence for forward thinking physician practices” 

The Beryl Institute
“Improving the patient experience” 

Fierce Healthcare News
“Daily News for Healthcare Executives” 

Health in 30
“Expert Information, Spectacular Health” 

Physician Coaches:

Physician’s Coaching Institute
Francine Gaillour MD 

The Entrepreneurial MD
Phillipa Kennealy MD 

The Balanced Physician coaching and training
Iris Grimm 

MD Can Help
Gail Gazelle MD 

Work Life Design
Kernan Manion MD 

Center for Physician Leadership Training
Fredric Tobis, MD, FACC & Ashley Wendel, MA 

Richard Winters MD

Collaborative Leaders
Deborah Munhoz, M.S. 

Physician Blogs:

The Happy
Dike Drummond MD
“Physician Satisfaction By Design – One Doctor at a Time”

Kevin MD
Kevin Pho MD
“Social Media’s Leading Physician Voice ” 

Physician LinkedIn Groups:

Healthcare Executives Network 

Medical Professionals 

SEAK Nonclinical careers 

Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

Society of Physicians with Nonclinical careers

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