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Your Physician Coach - Six Quality Criteria


TheHappyMD.com was founded in 2010 as the original physician coaching organization on the internet. Physician coaching is an area where there is no regulation on who can call themselves a coach and the physician burnout epidemic makes all doctors a target for anyone who uses "Coach" in their LinkedIn Bio. 

In this unregulated environment, here is our list of six criteria we believe your coach must meet in order for you to have the optimal experience as a physician coaching client in these difficult times.

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We believe it is critical that professionals who coach physicians meet the following six criteria:

NOTE: We guarantee that all all of our coaches always have and always will meet each of these criteria since we started physician coaching on the web in 2010.

Physician Coaching - our Six Quality Criteria

In order for you as a physician to have the optimal experience of coaching, we believe it is critical for your coach to meet the following six criteria:

1) Your coach is a physician too, with significant clinical practice experience.
Your coach cannot understand what what physicians go through in training and practice without being a physician and having a parallel experience of their own. A non-physician can empathize from a 2nd person perspective. They can't truly understand what you are going through. This is analogous to requiring coaches for war veterans experiencing PTSD to be war veterans too. 

2) They are a certified Executive Coach - rather than a "Life Coach".
Nearly all physician life issues are rooted in issues with your career/job/practice. Your coach must be able to coach the issues facing a modern physician at work as a team leader where many of your challenges come from senior leaders in large, complex organizations. They must have an executive coach skill set, in addition to core life coaching skills, for your best outcome.

3) They are graduates of a coach training program certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Coaching is a discipline with a body of knowledge and a specific method of helping our clients. Doctors come from a different perspective with patients - diagnose and give orders. They must learn the coaching skill set through a structured coach training program for maximal effectiveness with physician clients. 

4) They have a personal history of at least one episode of physician burnout - with a functional recovery.
Again, you can't understand it until you have been through it - both the burnout and the recovery. Burnout has a highest and best use, that is what we coach to for each of our physician coaching clients. 

5) They have been trained in our Physician Burnout Coaching philosophy and tools here at TheHappyMD.com based on our 12 year, 40,000 doctor and 175 organization history of burnout prevention.
We have the largest body of physician coaching experience with the most diverse group of physician coaches and coaching clients. We bring all that to bear in each one-on-one physician coaching relationship. More experience is better when it comes to your physician coach.

6) They are members of a coaching community that meets at least monthly to discuss best practices, share industry trends and new developments.
Our physicians have met at least monthly for that exact discussion since 2016. The healthcare industry and the demographics of the physician population are always changing, you must tap the collective experience of a coaching community to stay on your toes and up to date. 

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