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“… confident his message will have impact …”

Dike Drummond was the opening keynote at our 2015 Annual Leadership Conference with 800 of our physician leaders in attendance. We wanted our people to be better equipped to coach their physician teams on how to manage work-life balance and professional wellness.

We were impressed with his enthusiasm, his talent as a trainer and the power and simplicity of his teachings. Dike's burnout avoidance techniques can easily be applied to clinicians and administrative employees alike - without major efforts at training or life-style disruption.

Every attendee I have spoken to has indicated enthusiastic engagement with the session. All were excited to try the tools for burn-out avoidance on both themselves and their physician teams.

Dike's presentations made me look ‘smart.’ More importantly, I am confident his message will have an impact.

~ Miles Snowden MD
CMO, TEAM Health


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“… could not have been more pleased … “

The engagement of our medical group during the Burnout Proof presentation highlighted the need for making this a strategic priority. Hearing from a colleague who has been there is invaluable. Dike’s ability to speak directly to our medical group and say “You do not need to be perfect!” was priceless.

Dike has a very dynamic but sensitive delivery. He is not afraid to ask challenging questions like… “ So why doesn’t your mission statement say anything about caring for your caregivers?” Our Wellness steering committee could not have been more pleased with content and feedback. I continue to get email requests for regional site visits for Dike’s presentations.

Dike also spoke very frankly with our Wellness steering committee to narrow the focus of our proposed work on the primary issue…. Burnout. His presentation and consultation strengthened our resolve to press forward with our work.

~ Tad Jacobs DO
Chief Medical Officer
Avera Health System, Sioux Falls S.D.

"Best meeting in a decade" 

"I continue to get emails and texts and calls thanking me for bringing in Dike and how refreshed they have felt.

Dike's presentation let our staff know that they were not alone and what they experience daily is not unusual. The medical staff for the first time has a valuable resource and learned some things that were for them only. I personally learned to recognize burnout and it's complications. I use the 4 part super breath and the hack he taught for the stressful events in my practice and it does make a real difference. I also like the buddy system he ended with it was like having a big brother or sister in our group.

He shared some very personal stories regarding his former practice that I know everyone could relate to. The thing I most appreciated was that Dike came across as someone who is passionate and truly cares about physicians and their well being. The interactions were great, I had two discussions with docs in our groups that over the last ten years have barely spoken too."

~ Kurt Shuler MD
Chief of Staff
Sutter Davis Hospital, Davis, California

“ ... best medical staff retreat to date …”

"Dike's presentation taught our leaders how burnout adversely effects performance as it relates to quality, service, and cost.  In addition, our people are now talking about the importance of taking the time to breathe. The attendees also appreciated the opportunity to role play working through difficult conversations about credentialing, peer review, and disruptive behavior.  Many attendees have told me this was our best medical staff retreat to date.

I was surprised how comfortable I was in feeling uncomfortable working with Dike.  Our conversations lead me to think about things differently, which changed our approach.  In the end, our collaboration provided a unique experience for our attendees which made a lasting positive impression."

~ Chad Krilich MD
Medical Director - MultiCare Auburn Medical Center
Multicare Health System, Tacoma, WA

"… professional exhaustion is not inevitable …"

“Family physicians are taught to assume a broader responsibility for the overall “health” of their patients and communities than any other specialty, making them particularly at risk for burn-out. The AAFP seeks to support its members through all of the challenges they face in practice, including the risk of burn-out.

Dr. Drummond was invited to be a general session presenter at the 2014 Scientific Assembly with over 4000 members in attendance.

Dike Drummond is not just a “preacher” about the challenge of burnout among professionals today, but he brings with him evidence-based solutions to that challenge... solutions that can begin today. Dr. Drummond provided an outstanding example of a presenter who uses multiple strategies to engage his audience. Whether you’re an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner – Dr. Drummond’s style has just what you need to make the most of this learning opportunity. But the story of his own journey to and through burnout provides a powerful example that professional exhaustion is not inevitable and that happiness in work/life balance is achievable.

It isn’t hard to discern feedback from the attendees when you see 200 of them lined up for the book signing! Almost everyone that I’ve spoken with about Dike’s presentations have been enthusiastic in their praise for not only his message, but also for the engaging way in which it was delivered. “

~ Perry A. Pugno, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FACEP, FACPE
Vice President for Education, AAFP (retired)
Clinical Professor, Family and Community Medicine, KUMC and UCD SOM

"... build a culture of teamwork ..."

We were seeing high levels of stress and burn out in our providers in our FQHC.  We also wanted to build a culture of team work between providers and administration, as this was missing. Dike was great to work with in the planning of this event.  He asked great questions and helped us set clear expectations beforehand.

Dike was very engaging with the staff and very well prepared. Our staff learned tools to start focusing on themselves to tackle burn out rather than wait on someone else to work on it for them.  He did a great job of planning and executing the whole day.

I believe that this training will be a great benefit going forward. Providers and staff who are happier will naturally provide better clinical care and better customer satisfaction for our patients.

~ Clint Kuntz
CEO, Marana Health Center, Tucson, AZ

"... fantastic energy and positivity"

“Dr. Dike Drummond was the MC of our full day Innovation Forum, coordinating presentations from 12 of our in-house innovation projects. He coached the teams to increase the impact of their case studies, then used his fantastic energy and positivity to keep the crowd engaged and the event on time. Dike is professional, well spoken as both a presenter and presentation coach while being simultaneously funny and a good time!

Our event became a well-oiled machine with no downtime and no distractions. Our people enjoyed not only the great content and energy of the day, but also the skill of our host … an impressive achievement.”

~ Kate Mundell,
Multicare Health System Revolution Project Manager

"... a leader's understanding of healthcare"

“Dr. Dike Drummond has a leader’s understand of health care and how we need to innovate in order to transform it. He understands the process of innovation and the obstacles to change for healthcare organizations. His comfort and effectiveness when working with an audience of clinicians is impressive. We had a full agenda and Dike kept us engaged, entertained and on schedule. He asks insightful questions and moves effortlessly from one point to the next.

I highly recommend him to anyone who asks!”

~ Theresa Boyle,
Senior VP, Multicare Health System

" ... the residents felt unique and helpful"

“The session was very informative regarding the causes of physician burnout and how to look for these signs and symptoms within oneself and with colleagues. Dr. Drummond’s presentation covered a lot of territory that the residents felt was unique and helpful. I believe the residents have a much better idea of how to approach balance within their professional lives, both while in residency and later in practice. I particularly enjoyed the relaxation methods that could be easily incorporated into the everyday practice of medicine. ”

~ Brett White MD
Associate Director – OHSU Family Medicine Residency Program,
Portland, OR

Iowa Healthcare Executive Symposium Keynote Presentation:
“Collaborative Leadership in Times of Change – Engaging and Influencing Todays Physicians”

“Our goal was for Dr. Drummond to help our MHA students and Alumni better engage with physicians, especially given today’s change-driven healthcare environment.

Our attendees both learned from and enjoyed Dr. Drummond’s presentation. Our event has typically been fairly “academic” in nature, and Dr. Drummond’s focus on trust and collaboration made it much more “real.” Learning about the “clinician’s comfort zone” directly from a clinician – and especially from a clinician who has worked others struggling with burn-out – was very helpful to me.

I was impressed by how focused Dr. Drummond was on understanding the intent of our program and his role in it. It is very unusual for a keynote speaker to listen in on other speakers’ presentations, but Dr. Drummond did, which allowed him to make even more of a connection to our audience.”

~ Michelle Niermann, FACHE
Senior Vice President and COO, UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's
Vice President - Clinic Operations, UnityPoint Clinic - Cedar Rapids, IA
Program Chair, University of IowaI Healthcare Executive Symposium

"Thank you for your participation in this year's symposium. Many have said it was the best event in years. I agree."

~ Ian Montgomery, MA, CMPE
Director of Executive MHA Program, University of Iowa College of Public Health

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