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The Tools to Recognize and Prevent Burnout

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The Burnout Proof Live Workshop

Fill the hole in your people's education around burnout prevention and begin to change your culture - in a single, high impact 90 minute training event.  

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We condensed over 2000 hours of one-on-one physician coaching experience in to 90 minutes of the best burnout prevention training on the planet. ( testimonials are here )


Here's what we teach

Burnout Basics:
- Symptoms, effects, pathophysiology and five main causes

Our top six Prevention Tools
- Including our five part EMR Strategy 
- How to always be building a more Ideal Practice
- And training on how to reach out to a colleague in need
- and MUCH more.

That's not all

This live event starts to shift your culture as well.
We will get real with each other - perhaps for the first time - and normalize the conversation around stress and burnout. It breaks the ice for real culture change going forward. 



More Training Topics:

We can deliver 90 minutes to three days of  high impact training on burnout prevention, leadership tools and more.

- "Nimble Leadership in Uncertain Times"
- "The Physician Engagement Formula"
- "Transforming Physician Resistance to Change"
- “One Minute Mindfulness in the Healthcare Workplace"
- “Physician Leadership Skills for the Straddle Leader"
- "Physician’s Guide to Navigating a Bureaucracy"

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Client Testimonials

We delivered 62 major training engagements in 2016 alone.

Here's what our clients are saying.

"We were impressed with his enthusiasm, his talent as a trainer and the power and simplicity of his teachings"

"Dike's presentations made me look ‘smart.’ More importantly, I am confident his message will have an impact."

"Best meeting in a decade"

"Best medical staff retreat to date"

"A leader's understanding of healthcare"

"I continue to get emails and texts and calls thanking me for bringing in Dike and how refreshed they have felt."

"He used his fantastic energy and positivity to keep the crowd engaged and the event on time."

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