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Addressing the Physician Burnout Epidemic - Over 40,000 Doctors Trained to Recognize and Prevent Physician Burnout since 2011 

Released 1-21-2020



Addressing the Physician Burnout Epidemic - Over 40,000 Doctors Trained to Recognize and Prevent Physician Burnout since 2011, the healthcare industry’s original source for high-impact physician wellness training, is proud to announce crossing the threshold of 40,000 doctors trained via the “Burnout Proof LIVE Workshop” since 2011. Participants have represented over 175 organizations on four continents. 2020 delivery dates are available now at their training web page: [ ], Seattle, Washington 1/21/2020

The Burnout Proof LIVE Workshop was designed using thousands of hours of one-on-one physician coaching experience from the seven physician coaches at The workshop experience is high energy, engaging and often surprisingly funny, definitely not another boring lecture. It busts three burnout myths that cause all doctors to struggle and teaches practical tools to lower stress, create more life balance and a more Ideal Practice. All attendees leave with a written action plan. “Burnout Proof” is a valuable learning experience for all doctors and Advanced Practice Providers and all healthcare leaders including the C-suite and Board of Directors.

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Research clearly shows physician burnout kills patients and doctors.
Physician burnout is the single largest threat to the care patients receive and to any individual doctor’s career. Burnout is at epidemic levels in US doctors, averaging prevalence of 40 – 50% in recent surveys. (1) The connection between burnout and medical errors, poor quality care, physician depression, drug use and suicide is well documented in hundreds of research studies going back 30 years. (2)

How can physician employers address this deadly epidemic?

Consolidation in the healthcare industry has pushed the employee physician into the majority. This shift in ownership means it is now the employer’s responsibility to address physician burnout. The most effective first step is to complete their medical education. All doctors graduate with specific blind spots in stress management and the recognition and prevention of physician burnout. These missing skills put doctors at risk for burnout starting on practice day one, unless they are effectively addressed by their employer as soon as possible.

Dike Drummond MD, CEO and Founder of [ ] announced today crossing the 40,000 doctors trained threshold for the flagship training, Burnout Proof LIVE:

“All physicians graduate with a gaping hole in their medical education around stress management and burnout prevention. Our workshop fills that hole in a public forum and starts to shift the culture of the organization. Doctors learn a common language to describe the experience of burnout and can both ask for help and offer help -- perhaps for the first time. This is the initial step in building a culture of wellness into any group that employs physicians”, Drummond says.


About Dike Drummond MD and

Since 2011, [ ] has been the premier source of coaching, training and consulting to prevent physician burnout. CEO, Dike Drummond MD [ ] is an experienced executive coach, trainer and consultant. He is the author of “Stop Physician Burnout – what to do when working harder isn’t working”, creator of the “Burnout Proof Live Workshop” and the “Quadruple Aim Blueprint”, a system-wide, proactive burnout prevention strategy. Dr. Drummond has trained or consulted with over 175 major healthcare organizations to date.

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Dike Drummond MD
CEO & Founder [ ]

(1) Shanafelt TD, et al Mayo Clinic Proc December 2015 Volume 90, Issue 12, Pages 1600–1613

(2) Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout: A Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being. Chapter 3: The extent and consequences of physician burnout. National Academy of Medicine 10/2019


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