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"Changed my toxic work situation"

"I started to feel better about my life within a couple weeks of beginning our conversations. I knew that I had an ally and friend. I realized that my feelings were predictable based on my circumstances, that I was “normal”. For the first time in years I had real hope that things would change for the better.

We worked together to find and interview for a new position in the worst job market for my specialty the recruiters have ever experienced. With Dike’s help and persistent positive attitude, I found a new position at a group that really cares about the doctors and I start in two weeks.

For me, the program has been worth everything. It has enabled me to emerge from my depression, change my toxic work situation, improve my home and family life, and allow myself to be happy and realize that I deserve to be happy.”

~ Anonymous MD


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All the things you should have been taught as a resident about stress and burnout

These are Short Video Lessons, with downloadable transcripts and audio files.

Learn at your own pace in easy to understand bites.

You will learn:


- How to recognize physician burnout and differentiate it from normal stress

- Differences in physician burnout symptoms between women and men

- The four causes of physician burnout – three of which you were never trained to recognize or prevent

- The Pathophysiology of Physician Burnout. How burnout works on our body, emotions and spirit all at the same time 

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Physician Peer Coaching Services - What Clients are Saying ...

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"I have my sanity back"

"This is what was missing from our medical school and residency training. We learned how to care for others, but never how to care for ourselves. Dike showed me how to change myself and thinking to affect my environment. It wasn’t counseling, “tea and sympathy” or venting sessions, it was solid, constructive times of self-discovery and growth.

I was pushed and challenged, he was the mentor I never got when I started practice, but desperately needed. I have changed for the better and am one step closer to being the physician I want to become and have a plan on how to get the rest of the way there.“

~ J.K. DO


"Life-altering in a way few other supportive relationships have been"

“With each call my self identity as a physician became smaller and other parts of my identity became larger (i.e. I am not just a physician, but a runner, yogi, mother, wife, meditator , cook, gardener, etc) . Having someone point out things that are not working in my life, the things that I can’t see for myself, has allowed me to focus on what I want and then make it happen.

Within 2 coaching sessions, I began to feel more hopeful that I could learn a different set of skills to help me from feeling overwhelmed and burned out. It was invaluable to me both as a individual and as a physician.

I don’t really think I could place a dollar amount/value on it. For me, it has been life-altering in a way few other supportive relationships have been.”

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~ C.B. MD


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