In about one hour, answering these 10 questions can make this year... your best year yet

  • Download the Breakthrough Worksheet below
  • Block out about an hour to answer the 10 questions
  • And set yourself up for an authentic breakthrough in the year ahead

In large part, your happiness depends on the following thought experiment …

Imagine it is actually 12 months from now ... it is Christmas of NEXT Year ...
as you look back on your 2018 ...
you break out in a grin of satisfaction ... 
and say to yourself ... "wow, what a year" ...

What is driving this warm, happy feeling?

  • What are the successes of this year you have been able to build on?
  • What have you changed / accomplished / experienced / let go of in the year?
  • What are the old problems/challenges you have been able to solve - or simply let go of -for the first time?

What would it take to make 2018 YOUR Best Year Yet?

Take a single hour now to fill out the Physician's Breakthrough Process Worksheet -- and watch the difference it makes ...

DOWNLOAD, SAVE and PRINT OUT the .PDF worksheet above to get started. It just takes an hour about an hour to answer the questions --- automatically setting you up for an incredible year ahead. Take a quiet moment this weekend, with a cup of your favorite tea, to fill out the pages and start building your 2017 breakthrough

2018-best-year-yet-stop-physician-burnout-dike-drummond-300W.jpgYour experience of 2018 depends on setting and keeping specific intentions and goals for the year.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"
~ Albert Einstein

To get what you want, you have to slow down and figure out what that is. Step out of the busy-ness of your practice days to reflect - at a different level of consciousness - on what is working and what is not.

We invite you to invest a single hour getting clear on your vision using these specially worded questions designed to help you focus and prioritize

Otherwise the #800 gorilla that is your medical career will continuel to drive your life, leaving you just scraps of time and energy around the edges. 

TheHappyMD Breakthrough Planning Process is specifically designed to help you breakthrough in those areas where you are feeling stuck – at work or home. These 10 highly focused questions only take a relaxed hour yet can make a massive difference in your quality of life in the 12 months ahead. Ready? 

The holidays are a perfect time to remember and celebrate all you accomplished in 2017 and plan for an even better year ahead. With the 2018 Breakthrough Process, you sit back with a cup of tea and your favorite pen and answer some simple questions that will lay the foundation for your best year yet

- Your top achievements and biggest things you learned this year to date.
- The things that are incomplete here at the end of the year and what you want to do about them

Then the process helps you create a plan for the next 12 months.

- Your top goals
- The people and relationships crucial to your success
- New skills you want to learn
- Adventures you want to take
- Problems you want to resolve
- and what things you simply want to let go of

It has been an incredible ride for with over 16,000 doctors joining our community, we worked with 36 new organizations and crossed the 20,000 mark in total doctors trained and over 25,000 copies of Stop Physician Burnout sold. I am inviting you to join me in creating that for yourself in the next 12 months.

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Happy Holidays to you and your family !

dike-head-shot-physician-satisfaction-the-happy-physician-dike-drummond~ Dike

Dike Drummond MD
CEO and Founder