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Support the Pandemic’s Front-Line Workers. Drop-In Coaching and Support Calls for Physicians and Other Healthcare Providers This Weekend in the Lightworkers Forum.

Released 4-3-2020

=============, the healthcare industry’s original physician wellness training and coaching organization, is proud to announce a new support service for doctors and other caregivers here in the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lightworkers Forum.

This drop-in coaching and support service, on the Zoom platform, takes place from 9 – 11 AM Pacific (USA) on both Saturday and Sunday of each weekend in April. There is no cost, no obligation and the forum is completely confidential.

Full Call Details for the Lightworkers Forum, 9 – 11 AM Pacific Time (USA)
Saturday and Sunday April 4th and 5th are at the Link Below

The initial two Lightworkers Forum sessions on March 28th & 29th attracted over 120 doctors from six countries. The conversation ranged over personal stresses at work and home, dealing with the pain, suffering and fear in the front lines, PPE safety issues, industry trends and much more. Those first two online meetings were such a success, we are pleased to announce CEO, Dike Drummond MD, will be hosting Lightworker Forum calls each weekend in the month of April. Complete call in details are at the link above., Seattle, Washington 4/3/2020

In the chaos and overload of the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and other healthcare workers are pushed beyond their limits at work and home, at risk for their own infection and often in conflict with their employers. The stresses of caring for patients are matched by the wholesale disruption of every other patient care routine across the healthcare industry. During this crisis, there is no normal. Physical and emotional exhaustion are common and resources scarce.

Providers need a safe place to share and process their experience and get support and insight from like-minded peers – beyond the gaze of their employer. This is why the Lightworkers Forum was created.

In the Forum calls doctors can share what is really going on in the front lines of patient care - across specialties and around the world. They can get support and fresh self-care ideas for themselves, their families, work teams and their organization. Together, they can spot and share industry trends as they become visible and share insights into what the post-pandemic.

Doctors, Advanced Practice Providers, nurses, EMT’s and other first responders and all front line caregivers are welcome on the Lightworker Forum calls.

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Since 2011, [ ] has been the premier source of coaching, training and consulting to prevent physician burnout. CEO, Dike Drummond MD [ ] has trained over 40,000 doctors  in 175 organizations to recognize and prevent burnout in themselves and others. He is the author of “Stop Physician Burnout – what to do when working harder isn’t working”, creator of the “Burnout Proof Live Workshop” and the “Quadruple Aim Physician Leadership Retreat” where he has trained 167 physician wellness champions to date.

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