Avoid Doctor's #1 Job Search Mistake

Hello Friend,

Let me show you the #1 mistake many physicians make when looking for a new position.

Please do not schedule any more job interviews until you read this email to the end and take the steps below.

Unless you stop this behavior immediately - the chance of you finding a much better position this time around is no better than flipping a coin.

Learn this lesson and your odds of finding a much better position approach 100%.


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The #1 Physician Job Search Mistake is …

YOU LET THEM PICK YOU -- in the process, you give away all your power.

When you do a job search well, that is NOT how it works, not at all. When you understand the formula for an Ideal Job Search … YOU ARE IN CHARGE … not them.

Here’s why doctors make this mistake in the first place.

Most doctors have never been taught how to find their Ideal Job - so we fall back on the tactics we used to nail down our most important “jobs” so far. I am talking about the tactics you used to get into Med School and Residency.

Remember the essays and interviews? Remember doing everything possible to make sure they picked you from the crowd of applicants?

Notice the dynamic here.

  • They are in charge of the picking.
  • You are in charge of the begging.

If hoping-they-pick-you is your job search strategy, finding a good job will only happen if you get lucky. Here is the change of attitude you must adopt to make this happen. You must flip the power dynamic on its head.


Make sure YOU are in charge of the picking and THEY are in charge of convincing you that their job is good enough for you to say “Yes”.

It all starts with your Ideal Job Description (IJD). This is the bullseye that will focus your job search.

  • Without it, you are shooting in the dark and putting your success in the hands of random forces.
  • With your IJD in hand you can see the target clearly and know your aim is true - from the time you decide to leave this position to the day you start in your new – and much more Ideal – Job.

In the next of these mini lessons I will show you exactly how to build your Ideal Job Description.

All you have to do is answer a short list of questions on a single piece of paper. With that one step your chance of finding your Ideal Job this time just jumped to nearly 100%.

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Remember, do not give away your power!

There is only one person in charge of choosing your next job position … and that’s you. The first step to reclaiming that power is to write down your Ideal Job Description. 

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No matter what, keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,


Dike Drummond MD
CEO, TheHappyMD.com

Creator of the Ideal Physician Job Search Formula