The IDEAL Physician Job Search Formula

Hello Friend,

Last time I showed you doctor’s #1 job search mistake.

Now, let me show you a simple way to eliminate that mistake guarantee your success going forward. 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and let me show you the seven questions that are the key.

Remember, the big mistake we are going to avoid is giving away your power by -- letting THEM PICK YOU.

When it comes to an Ideal Job Search, YOU ARE IN CHARGE. You are the one doing all the picking and asking all the questions. Let me show you the key to turning the tables.


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The Ideal Physician Job Search Formula
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It all starts by zeroing in on your Ideal Job Description and using it as the bullseye in your job search.

Let me ask this all-important question as simply as possible. “What is YOUR Ideal Job Description?” I bet you don't have a clear answer to that question ... right?

Sure, you know the specialty, hours and pay you want. That is not nearly enough detail.

Please don’t schedule interviews until you get way more clarity on your Ideal Job Description. This is a true blind spot for most doctors. 

Here is where this blind spot comes from.

In our training, we were taught how to follow the rules and stay inside the lines - full stop. If you did those things, you graduated. No one else cared what you really wanted in your practice. It wasn’t important, so neither you nor your faculty tried to help you identify your Ideal Practice.

Now you are out. You are free. You can do whatever you want with your medical degreeas soon as you figure out what that is.

Grab your piece of paper and let’s get started.

Step one is to label that piece of paper “My Ideal Job Description”

Now write your answers to these seven questions in order. This is just a first pass, so a sentence or two for each is enough for now.

If you had a magic wand and could wave it and POOF your Ideal Job appeared right before your eyes … in an Ideal World …

  • What kind of patients would you be working with?
  • What kinds of things would you be doing with / to / for them?
  • For how many hours a week - on what kind of schedule?
  • And how much pay?
  • With what kind of team?
  • In what kind of group?
  • Where in the world?

(Remember: this is in an IDEAL WORLD, so write down what you really want, even if you don’t know how to get it at this time.)

Write a sentence or two in answer to each and put the paper in a folder labeled “My Ideal Job Description”. That is a good start. And be patient with yourself. Dreams take a while to wake up. It may take a couple weeks for you to feel comfortable about your answers.

No matter what, DO NOT schedule any interviews until you are clear on your Ideal Job Description.

In the next of these mini lessons I will show you how to double check your Ideal Job Description and use it to build a set of interview questions that keep you in charge throughout the whole process.  

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Remember, you can’t get what you want until you know what you want.

There is only one person in charge of choosing your next job position … and that’s you. The first step to reclaiming that power is to write down your Ideal Job Description.

Then, keep your eyes on the prize.

If you have any questions, please use this form to contact us directly.

No matter what, keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,


Dike Drummond MD

Creator of the Ideal Physician Job Search Formula