Complete Your Medical Education with these
Six Minute Training Sessions

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By now you realize your medical education did not fully prepare you for life as a doctor

That is exactly why we created this
growing series of mini-trainings for doctors

Team Leadership

The single most powerful way to ease your workday
CLICK HERE for the BID Team Huddle POWER Training for Optimal Patient Flow

The simplest way to make sure your systems are constantly improving
CLICK HERE for the Monthly Staff Meeting Power Up and Team Venting Process

Doctor Patient Communication

Learn how to deal with upset and hostile patients simply, quickly and empathetically
CLICK HERE for the Universal Upset Patient Protocol Training

Work – Life Balance

When it comes to having a life outside of your practice, the strongest structure wins and what is in your cell phone really matters.
CLICK HERE for the Work – Life Balance Schedule HACK Training

Attitude Adjustment

Learn how to overcome the tendency we learn in training to always see threats and problems everywhere
CLICK HERE for the Satisfaction Mind Flip Training – 30 minutes tonight will give you a better day tomorrow guaranteed
(note: this is a workbook training download. Save a copy to your computer when the link opens)

Burnout Prevention

You must know your enemy to recognize when you are in trouble
CLICK HERE for the Burnout Prevention Video Training Series

Learn over 117 ways physicians and organizations can work together to lower stress and prevent burnout
CLICK HERE for your copy of the Burnout Prevention Matrix Report


Please contact me directly using this form if you have any questions about any of these skill trainings or to suggest new topics to build trainings around.

Keep breathing and have a great rest of your day,

Dike DrummondDike

Dike Drummond MD