Physician Group Culture Trumps Burnout, Maintains Physician Autonomy

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Your Group's Culture is Key to Maintaining Physician Autonomy and Preventing Physician Burnout

Culture ... What Culture?

The basic challenge is this ...

... most physician groups/departments have never created a Conscious Culture that defines who you are and how you support each other.

This is one of the Key Blind Spots of our current Physician Leadership Vacuum.

A consciously created, supportive Physician Culture is hugely important for all doctors now and in the rapidly changing healthcare environment that is staring us all in the face. Yet the entire concept of a cohesive Physician Culture is completely absent in 85% of the healthcare organizations I interact with across the country.

What about your group/organization? 
Does the Culture of your group/department support you in building a healthy practice or actually get in your way?


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Physician Job Search Mistake #1 and How To Avoid It

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

How to avoid the #1 Physician Job Search Mistake and Land Your Ideal Jo

In my last article I showed you the three reasons employed physicians quit their jobs - the last straws if you will.

In this article let me show you the #1 Mistake the vast majority of physicians make when looking for a position. When you avoid this mistake, you stand a much better chance of landing your ideal job. 

Here is the physician job search mistake in a nutshell ...


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Why Employed Physicians Quit

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Why Employed Physicians Quit - The BIG 3

In my work with hundreds of over stressed physicians, only about 30% must actually quit or change jobs to recover from physician burnout. The last straw in their decision is often one of these BIG THREE reasons employed physicians quit.

Most of the time - with better leadership, life balance and mindfulness skills - you can recovery from burnout by changing the way you are being rather than having to resign and walk away. Unreasonable workloads and blind spots created by our programming often cause the most stress, but they are not enough to get a physician to actually quit and voluntarily go through the pain of a job search.

Remember too that the conditions of your current work environment are only one of four causes of physician burnout.  For those physicians who feel they have no choice but to leave ... the BIG THREE below separately or in combination are the final motivator. And ...

I sincerely hope you don't recognize any of these in  your current workplace.


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