Physician Leadership Video Training - Leadership's #1 Skill

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

What is the #1 skill of quality physician leadership?

The answer may surprise you.

What I can tell you is that being a great clinician does not teach you this skill. In fact, our medical education sets us up to be naturally ineffective leaders.

I am not just talking about physicians in official leadership positions here. All physicians are leaders. We all have people who look up to us for guidance, answers, wisdom and vision. So let's get you the skill set you need to do a great job.

Once you learn this key skill 

  • You will see your team perform better than ever
  • And you won't be working nearly as hard as you do now

In the brief video below you will learn this master skill and the "Lone Ranger" test to know exactly when you need to throw it into gear.


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Physician Leadership Gets Easy When You Do These 3 Things

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Leadership: The Lone Ranger vs. the Team Captain

Your leadership style goes a long way towards determining your team’s results. As a physician leader, your style organizes the way your team functions and creates your team member’s experience of  “playing” on your team.

For most of us, our leadership style is invisible. It is simply not something we are aware of when we are using it. For most doctors, that is a problem. We graduate from residency with a specific physician leadership style/paradigm that gets in the way of our effectiveness and makes us work way too hard.

In this article let me show you

=> The Doctor’s Default Leadership Paradigm and the problems it causes
=> Three steps to a new Physician Leadership Style that makes everything in your practice easier
=> A specific example of the new paradigm in action



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