Physician Burnout or "Moral Injury" what difference does it make?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

It's not Physician Burnout dammit - it's Moral Injury, Victim Shaming, Human Rights Abuses, Right?

There is a wave of righteous indignation sweeping the online discussion of physician burnout recently. It is spawning a series of increasingly outraged new terms to define burnout as a symptom of systematic, deliberate abuse perpetrated by "the system".

Some even go so far as to accuse physician burnout coaches of "cannibalizing the corpses of their colleagues" - one of the more inappropriate and creepy examples of alliteration I have heard in a while. But hey, jump on the bandwagon.

Even the Z Dogg is in on the trend and his video is worth watching for sure.

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Here's my question

Will using terms like these change anything or make anything easier, better, less stressful for doctors 

My answers are YES and NO and MAYBE



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