Physician Burnout -  MGMA Staffing Averages are a Primary Cause

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

How did the physician overwhelm in the trenches of patient care get to be so pervasive?

In this article, let me show you a hidden management thought pattern that creates abusive levels of understaffing in the majority of healthcare organizations every day.

This faulty line of reasoning is a massive LOSE:LOSE  for both the doctors and their employers and an enabler of toxic work environments - UNTIL NOW.

(Download the Quick Take and Action Plan Here)


Now, for the first time we have clear evidence of the damage MGMA staffing ratios cause and clear evidence that staffing up to handle the modern workload of patient care is good for everyone. 

In this article let me show you the "stinkin' thinkin'" that causes the overload and an evidence-based way forward to appropriate levels of staffing.

HINT: These new and much more productive staffing levels will ALWAYS be above the MGMA average and your CFO will love the results too! 


Tags: causes of physician burnout, mgma staffing ratios, physician overwhelm

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