Physician Burnout Vulnerability and Group Culture

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout, Vulnerability and Your Group's Culture

I am often asked if I am familiar with the work of Brene Brown and especially her tremendously popular TED videos "The power of vulnerability" and "Listening to shame". These are fabulous introductions to the topic of vulnerability that can help all of us who see patients on two distinct levels.

Patient Vulnerability:
I highly recommend these videos to all physicians because vulnerability and shame are woven through any authentic healing encounter. It is important to understand and navigate the patient's shame and vulnerability whenever you enter the exam room.

Physician Vulnerability:
Brene Brown's work is also immediately relevant to physician burnout. Vulnerability and shame are experience all of us feel personally when our practice becomes too much. This is especially true for male physicians because of our habit of not reaching out for help.

I love Brene Brown's work and it is incomplete.

She leaves out the most important source of the experience of being vulnerable for physicians.

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She points out the willingness to be vulnerable is an act of courage. This is true for most of us. If you speak your truth openly and with transparency, you will probably feel like you are being brave ... like you are taking a risk. Why is that?

Dr. Brown believes it is an innate feature of our human nature. We naturally feel vulnerable when we tell our truth. I disagree.

There are outside forces that create this fear of shame. 

The source of this sense of vulnerability is hidden in plain sight if you remember that you speak the truth within a larger context.

Being open and transparent is only being "vulnerable" within an abusive culture


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Physician Group Culture Trumps Burnout, Maintains Physician Autonomy

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Your Group's Culture is Key to Maintaining Physician Autonomy and Preventing Physician Burnout

Culture ... What Culture?

The basic challenge is this ...

... most physician groups/departments have never created a Conscious Culture that defines who you are and how you support each other.

This is one of the Key Blind Spots of our current Physician Leadership Vacuum.

A consciously created, supportive Physician Culture is hugely important for all doctors now and in the rapidly changing healthcare environment that is staring us all in the face. Yet the entire concept of a cohesive Physician Culture is completely absent in 85% of the healthcare organizations I interact with across the country.

What about your group/organization? 
Does the Culture of your group/department support you in building a healthy practice or actually get in your way?


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