Stop Physician Burnout - 4th grade math shows the epic fail of the current practice of medicine

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stop Physician Burnout - 4th grade math shows the epic fail of the current practice of medicine

We don't need no stinking spreadsheets

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Let me show you a simple, reproducible, fourth grade math demonstration of the power of team based care and up-staffing the back office. Along the way you will begin to sense the staggering waste in the current practice of medicine, caused in part by industry standards like the MGMA annual staffing survey.

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The reason EMR is killing doctors is simple -- OVERWHELM

Doctors were never meant to handle both
1) the complex interactions and thought processes of diagnose and treat, teach and manage patients
2) AND the digital documentation of those interactions via any one of the current truly demonic user interfaces.

The implementation of EMR doubled the workload on the doctors.

Most employers did not staff up to handle it. Instead, relying on annual staffing surveys to show them the average back office staffing ratio is the same as it was back in paper chart days - 1 Doc + 1 Medical Assistant. 

That's right, the work load doubled without a change in the number of hands on deck.  The documentation falls on the doctor simply because:

- we are ultimately liable for what is in the chart
- we don't punch the clock and stop working at 5PM

It is as if someone designed the system of care specifically to burn out doctors and now they use industry averages to reinforce the travesty. You can't design a more perfect meat grinder for the average doctor and now it is considered the standard of care.

The result:

A 4th Grade review of the numbers reveals a way forward

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Stop Physician Burnout - How to Get a Scribe - the Claw Back method

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Stop Physician Burnout - How to Get a Scribe

EMR and documentation join physician burnout as another DILEMMA in the life of physicians. There is no solution/cure/fix/magic pill to make your documentation chores disappear, what is needed is a strategy to get your charts done and get you home at a reasonable hour. 

In addition to templates, batch processing, Dragon and perhaps even a "super MA" -- one powerful component of your documentation strategy could be a Medical Scribe.

In this post let me show you how to get a scribe, even if you have been told you can't have one before. This method has never failed in my experience if you follow the steps below.

(Download the Quick Take and Action Plan Here)

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