Stop Physician Burnout: How SHIT HAPPENS Inside a Healthcare Bureaucracy (humor)

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician burnout, the employed physician and the occasional insanity of bureaucracy

Have you ever looked at the announcement of a new policy or workflow from your employer and wondered where do these ideas that make no sense come from ?

You know the policies I am talking about ...

The one where you look at what you are being asked to do -- and actually mumble out loud, "What were they thinking? Did anyone even talk to a doctor when this policy was put together?"
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We have stumbled upon what appears to be the Origin Story for this category of silly commands-from-on-high.

It's a leadership version of the old "telephone game" (Chinese whispers) that is called THE PLAN. I have yet to find a citation for its author.

As you read this, please remember it is supposed to be funny ... OK?


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Stop Physician Burnout - The Employed Physician Guide to Managing Your Boss

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Employed Physician's Guide to Managing Your Boss - the 3 Keys

Back in 2017 we crossed a significant tipping point. For the first time in the history of medicine --  physician practice owners are NOT in the majority. 

Loss of autonomy is a major frustration for many doctors. In fact, being the boss has perhaps become a quaint, old fashioned memory. YIKES.

It is highly likely that even YOU find yourself floating aimlessly in the midst of the spaghetti pile of a vast bureaucracy - smack in the middle of your org chart with several layers of bosses above you. Even if you have made the effort to build your Ideal Practice Description, you are going to need someone else's help or permission at some point.

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These people often have the power to dictate the specifics of your practice ... unless you figure out a way to have some influence over their decisions. And there's the rub. How do you maintain some influence over "the system" when you are not the boss???

In this article let me show you three keys to managing your boss -- if you are an employed physician. These are the tools you need to take back some control over your practice.

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

"If I am not the boss any more, how do I manage the person who is?"


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Physician Job Search - Interview Questions You MUST Ask

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Job Search and the Interview Questions Doctors Forget to Ask

You MUST ask these if you are going to avoid the top three reasons employed physicians quit down the road. Let me give you the BIG LIST and a method you can use in your interview to make a quality decision about your contract.

NOTE: If you are not searching for a job at the moment ...
This is a Very Interesting set of questions to ask about your Current Job. The answers may surprise you and give you some ideas on how to improve the quality of your work day.

 This is just one of the seven lessons in 
The Ideal Physician Job Search Formula Online Training
Learn more and enroll today via This Link.



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Why Employed Physicians Quit

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Why Employed Physicians Quit - The BIG 3

In my work with hundreds of over stressed physicians, only about 30% must actually quit or change jobs to recover from physician burnout. The last straw in their decision is often one of these BIG THREE reasons employed physicians quit.

Most of the time - with better leadership, life balance and mindfulness skills - you can recovery from burnout by changing the way you are being rather than having to resign and walk away. Unreasonable workloads and blind spots created by our programming often cause the most stress, but they are not enough to get a physician to actually quit and voluntarily go through the pain of a job search.

Remember too that the conditions of your current work environment are only one of four causes of physician burnout.  For those physicians who feel they have no choice but to leave ... the BIG THREE below separately or in combination are the final motivator. And ...

I sincerely hope you don't recognize any of these in  your current workplace.


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Employed Physicians Top Gripes

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Employed Physicians Top Four Gripes

Medscape published an article this week titled, “4 Top Complaints of Employed Doctors” and it was a very interesting read. Turns out the things employed physicians complain about are basically that they are employees!  Go Figure …

Let me lay out these employed physicians gripes for you with a little detail so you will see what I mean. I will finish this article with a solid way to address all of them. These gripes are basically a cry for effective Physician Leadership.

Although the numbers are not exact, these days about half of doctors are employed physicians, either by a hospital, a medical group or a larger healthcare system. That number is rising pretty rapidly as the industry consolidates to grab the bonus pools soon available to groups large enough to qualify as ACO’s.


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Employed Physician – Is Respect a Number?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Employed Physician – is respect a number (and have you made a deal with the devil?)


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