Medical Records Quality – Dictation Comes In Last for Doctors

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Medical Records Quality Worst with Physician Dictation

As I work with over stressed and burned out doctors … one of the most common causes of frustration is the documentation of medical records. It does not matter what system is used, most doctors see their medical records system as a drain and wast of time.


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Compassion Fatigue, Physician Burnout and Your Emotional Bank Account

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Compassion Fatigue, Physician Burnout and Your Emotional Bank Account

For anyone in the helping professions, Compassion Fatigue is a common occurrence. 

Here is the origin of compassion fatigue, its relationship to physician burnout and what you can do when you recognize it in yourself.

Compassion fatigue is when you find yourself challenged to care about your patients in the way you know is proper and expected in your position. Doctors, nurses, therapists, law enforcement, social workers, military … the list goes on. All these professions rely on some degree of Empathy and Compassion to function at maximum effectiveness.

Cynicism, Sarcasm and feeling Put Upon

If you find yourself being cynical or sarcastic about your patients you have compassion fatigue. It can come in the little voice in your head, or mumbling under your breath or “Venting” to your colleagues or staff.

If you find yourself feeling like your patients / staff / institution are deliberately trying to wear you out or drive you crazy – you have compassion fatigue.

Compassion Fatigue … Your Emotional Bank Account is Empty


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