Physician Burnout and EMR - it's the Keystrokes, Silly. Documentation Overload and Four Ways Forward

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The consensus is clear, EMR and documentation overload is the single largest source of stress for most physicians.

How did it come to this?

Because forcing physicians to both take care of patients AND perform as a data entry clerk is bad for everyone involved - the patient, the doctor, the doctor's staff and family ... EVERYBODY.

We already have studies showing two hours of documentation chores for every one hour of direct patient care. This documentation disaster already has a slang term for its ability to destroy doctor's family life - "pajama time".

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In this blog post let me show you:

  • A single graph that perfectly expresses the overwhelm, specifically for US doctors - check it out
  • Four reasons why this is happening, specifically to US doctors
  • Four ways to immediately ease your documentation workload - things you can do now, rather than wait for the EMR industry to fix itself

Quad Aim Physician Leader Retreat

1) A Single Graph that Says it All for US Doctors


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