Physician Burnout: Why its not a Fair Fight

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout vs. Fulfillment
Why it’s Not a Fair Fight

burnout prevention matrix free report 235 waysWhy does having a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as a modern doctor seem like such a struggle at times?

There is an invisible battle going on, day-by-day between our search for a Fulfilling Career in Medicine and the hidden forces of Physician Burnout.

In this article, I will outline why this is most certainly not a “fair fight”. Modern doctors are programmed to burn out ... it's a setup. I will also share latest physician burnout research evidence on what you can do to even the odds.

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What is Physician Burnout Anyway?

We each know what it feels like to be burned out, toast, fried and spent after a long weekend of call or a tough night in the hospital. If you are able to recover your drive and energy before you return to work, great job. I hope your resilience continues.

The difference between Stress and Physician Burnout is this ability to recover in your time off. Physician Burnout begins when you are NOT able to recharge your batteries between call nights or days in the office. You begin a downward spiral that has three distinct symptoms.


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