Physician Burnout – Pathophysiology and Treatment of Burnout

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout – Pathophysiology and Treatment

In my work with over stressed physicians I have noticed a consistent misunderstanding of the pathophysiology of burnout – the hidden methods physician burnout uses to sap your energy and steal your passion for medicine. In this post I will show you how Physician Burnout does it’s dirty work.

This is vitally important because once you can clearly understand how physician burnout operates, you will begin to see the simple ways you can keep the normal stresses of being a doctor — from crossing the line into threatening your career, your marriage and even your life.

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Physician Burnout: The Four Horsemen of the Physician Burnout Apocalypse

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout: The Four Horsemen of the Burnout Apocalypse

Physician Burnout is a constant, prevalent, looming threat over doctors everywhere.

The question is why?

Our work with thousands of over stressed physicians We have isolated one of the major invisible causes of physician burnout – the pervasive mental conditioning of our training process.

Call it the “brainwashing” of our medical education if you will

In this article I will show you four “flavors” of this conditioning – how and why they develop and how they contribute to our physician burnout epidemic.


The Four Causes of Physician Burnout Video Training

Some of the causes of physician burnout are hidden deeply in our subconscious -- beneath the surface of what would appear to be normal behaviors -- in a series of true blind spots in our awareness.

Blind Spot
= something you can't see that you can't see -- something  you don't know you don't know

The Conditioning of our Medical Education is one of these blind spots. Until you learn to recognize this brainwashing, it will drive your behavior and cause physician burnout in powerful ways. Let me show you your doctor conditioning.

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Physician Bullying – Doctor on Doctor Harrassment

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Bullying is a surprisingly large issue especially for medical students and recent residency graduates according to an article I just found on BMJ Careers’ website. This is a well written article with an 8 article bibliography summarizing research on Physician Bullying. They even document the following physician bullying types.

Types of physician bullying

  • Spreading malicious rumours or insulting someone (particularly on the grounds of age, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, and religion or belief)
  • Copying memos that are critical of someone to others who do not need to know
  • Ridiculing or demeaning someone—picking on them or setting them up to fail
  • Exclusion or victimisation
  • Unfair treatment
  • Overbearing supervision or other misuse of power or position
  • Unwelcome sexual advances—touching, standing too close, display of offensive material, asking for sexual favours, making decisions on the basis of sexual advances being accepted or rejected
  • Making threats or comments about job security without foundation
  • Deliberately undermining a competent worker by overloading and constant criticism
  • Preventing individuals progressing by intentionally blocking promotion or training opportunities

Here’s a link to the full article and thank you to Lorna Powell, the article’s author for putting this issue on my radar.


Have you ever been bullied?
If so, what happened and is it any one of the physician bullying types mentioned above?


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