Physician Burnout - How to Turn the Corner

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician burnout: How to turn the corner in your life and practice

No matter how exhausted and overworked you may feel right now -- no matter how frustrated with your practice or your out-of-balance life you may be -- there is a way to turn this corner.

Working harder is not the answer though

If you want different results in your life, you must take different actions

What got you here won't get you there

Don't fall into this trap

You can get to a place where you are running so fast - just to keep up with your current reality - that you don't have time to do anything more or anything different. I have heard people say over and over, "I am too busy to even think about doing things differently". 

Here is the key to getting out of this Catch 22, the key to getting out of this mind trap.


You have to find a way to step out of the flow of your life - in order to see things from a more strategic point of view - where the things you want to change can come into sharp focus

This lesson actually came to me from the world of the entrepreneur. 

You see, a person starting a small business can often end up overwhelmed by the details of being a solo entrepreneur. There is so much to do to coordinate your product/service, marketing, accounting and payroll and managing employees. It is a fairly close match for all the balls a physician has to keep up in the air -- and it can get equally unbalanced. 

Entrepreneurs have to learn this mantra sooner or later


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Physician Burnout - Who Will Save Us

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout - Who will Save Us?

In this article you will learn why Physician Burnout is a Physician Leadership Issue and what to do when you realize no one is coming to rescue you.


In articles and comments all over the internet, physicians do the same thing - blame, justify and complain about the work stresses we are under.

It is a futile show of frustration despite the fact that our concerns are legitimate.

On average 1 in 3 physicians are suffering from symptomatic burnout on any give office day. New levels of work stress seem to pile on each week. You can feel the longing to be rescued.

It is as if we are locked high in the castle tower, at the mercy of our evil captors - EMR, ICD-10 and Obamacare. Surely the king of everything that is right has dispatched a brave night to free us.

We shake our fists and ask "who is going to do something about this?" We dream of being rescued from these days of drudgery. This is not what we thought our practice would be like back in training.

All of these concerns are true and valid. AND understand one thing ...

Complaining and dreaming of a rescue is Playing the Victim - Pure and Simple

There is no brave knight coming to save you or anyone else

This only distracts you from Saving Yourself

Let me set a framework for addressing burnout effectively - the straightest path to meaningful change in your work day and your organization.

In the end you will see that Burnout is a Physician Leadership issue.


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Healthcare's new Age of Engagement - bold steps you can take now

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Healthcare is entering a new Golden Age of Engagement

Patient Engagement
Patient satisfaction and quality of care are built upon a new foundation of patient engagement. In this new age you will be compensated for the level of engagement you create with your patients.

Physician Engagement
As employed physicians become the majority in the United States, your organization will create a competitive advantage by building new levels of physician engagement with your providers.

In this article, I will show you the single most important skill clinicians and physician leaders must learn in order to thrive in the years ahead.

The Quadruple Aim Blueprint White Paper Download
Four Steps to System-Wide Burnout Prevention
Download your Free Copy Now

Why the "Age of Engagement"?

For the first time financial incentives are aligning with your ability to Engage your patients and your people

In this New Age, failing to reach new levels of patient and physician engagement will hit you right in the pocket book in clearly visible ways for the first time


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Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet With this Breakthrough Process Download

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The 2014 Breakthrough Process will set you up for your Best Year Yet, in about one hour this weekend 

A year from now … as you look back on 2014 … what do you want the year to feel like? How about a 2014 that is your best year yet? Let’s make it a year of breakthrough success, happiness and satisfaction … what do you say?

Here is a personal strategic planning process planning process that is so powerful I call it the 2014 Breakthrough Process. It is specifically designed to help you breakthrough in those areas where you are feeling stuck – at work or at home.

Print out the worksheet below to get started


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Physician Group Culture Trumps Burnout, Maintains Physician Autonomy

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Your Group's Culture is Key to Maintaining Physician Autonomy and Preventing Physician Burnout

Culture ... What Culture?

The basic challenge is this ...

... most physician groups/departments have never created a Conscious Culture that defines who you are and how you support each other.

This is one of the Key Blind Spots of our current Physician Leadership Vacuum.

A consciously created, supportive Physician Culture is hugely important for all doctors now and in the rapidly changing healthcare environment that is staring us all in the face. Yet the entire concept of a cohesive Physician Culture is completely absent in 85% of the healthcare organizations I interact with across the country.

What about your group/organization? 
Does the Culture of your group/department support you in building a healthy practice or actually get in your way?


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Physician Burnout Vs. the Bottom Line - the Epic Battle

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout Vs. The Bottom Line: The Epic Battle

The wave of consolidation sweeping healthcare in the US is causing wholesale collapse of private practice in many markets. Physicians are trading in their practices for employee status in rapidly growing provider networks usually based on a local hospital system.

Let me show you how this move sets up an invisible Battle that will determine your quality of life … and how to restore Balance as an employee physician.


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Become the Eye of the Storm With this Guided Meditation

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Become the Eye of the Storm With this Guided Meditation - "The Lake"

Mindfulness Based Stress Relief ( MBSR ) is the most researched and effective Physician Burnout prevention technique ... here is a shortcut to your own personal mindfulness practice. And it takes just minutes a week.

Connect with that part of you that is always calm, cool and collected no matter what is going on around you with this Guided Meditation called "The Lake".


You really can become the "Eye of the Storm" in your clinic or hospital day when you know how to use your breathing to recenter in a place that is deeper and wider than all the busy-ness that surrounds being a doctor these days.


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Why Employed Physicians Quit

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Why Employed Physicians Quit - The BIG 3

In my work with hundreds of over stressed physicians, only about 30% must actually quit or change jobs to recover from physician burnout. The last straw in their decision is often one of these BIG THREE reasons employed physicians quit.

Most of the time - with better leadership, life balance and mindfulness skills - you can recovery from burnout by changing the way you are being rather than having to resign and walk away. Unreasonable workloads and blind spots created by our programming often cause the most stress, but they are not enough to get a physician to actually quit and voluntarily go through the pain of a job search.

Remember too that the conditions of your current work environment are only one of four causes of physician burnout.  For those physicians who feel they have no choice but to leave ... the BIG THREE below separately or in combination are the final motivator. And ...

I sincerely hope you don't recognize any of these in  your current workplace.


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Physician Burnout To MD Rapper To Thought Leader - ZDoggMD on Ted Med

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Physician Burnout Births the first MD Rapper who will now Revolutionize American Healthcare- and I Believe Him


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Employed Physicians Top Gripes

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Employed Physicians Top Four Gripes

Medscape published an article this week titled, “4 Top Complaints of Employed Doctors” and it was a very interesting read. Turns out the things employed physicians complain about are basically that they are employees!  Go Figure …

Let me lay out these employed physicians gripes for you with a little detail so you will see what I mean. I will finish this article with a solid way to address all of them. These gripes are basically a cry for effective Physician Leadership.

Although the numbers are not exact, these days about half of doctors are employed physicians, either by a hospital, a medical group or a larger healthcare system. That number is rising pretty rapidly as the industry consolidates to grab the bonus pools soon available to groups large enough to qualify as ACO’s.


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