COVID-19 Fake News Tsunami - what do you say to your patients?

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Most physicians are scientists. We believe in evidence based recommendations and do our best to persuade by logic. Right?

Unfortunately, not all humans are scientists. Not all can be persuaded by our Public Health Jedi Mind Tricks. 
When fear, deliberate misinformation, conspiracy theories, fake news and partisan politics are pumped into everyone's cell phone at the speed of light --- things get strange quickly. 

Two signs this will not end well.

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Mayo Clinic $3B Loss Foreshadows Layer Three of the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

The worldwide pandemic of coronavirus is a disaster with multiple layers of crushing impact

It is nearly impossible to fathom the magnitude of the devastation. BAD on top of BAD on top of BAD, like a layer cake made of fresh manure -- and you and I and everyone else has to chew and swallow a nice big slice every week for long as it takes to reach the other side.

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Dangerous Medicine - Battlefield vs. Pandemic

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Pandemic Medicine is Clearly More Dangerous than Battlefield Medicine to Front Line Healthcare Workers

1) Battlefield/MASH Unit:

  • The danger is the enemy.
  • You have specific skilled, trained and equipped people around you to protect you.
  • The act of caring for patients is not dangerous for you.
  • Your family is safe and far away.

2) Pandemic:

  • The danger is the patients.
  • Just being in the same room with them (never mind touching and treating them), especially without sufficient PPE, is an act of service that can ultimately be fatal.
  • Your family is in clear and present danger as well.
  • In Italy, 10% of the Covid-19 cases have been healthcare workers!

No Comparison ... so please Stop the Battlefield Analogies!!

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