Preventing Physician Burnout in the time of Coronavirus

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

"Circle the wagons"

"All power to the shields"

In times of crisis, these two phrases come in handy as sterling advice for all of us ... especially when you are a physician at the tip of the spear in the response to a global pandemic.

When times get tough, demand peaks and we struggle to keep up with the amplified whirlwind of being a doctor  --  priorities change and lots of things will get crossed off your calendar that used to seem so important before Coronavirus escaped containment. 

My advice?

Cone your focus down to just two points.

1) When you are with your patients, take great care of them and get your charts done.

2) When you are NOT with your patients ... 

  • Grab your team - those you work closest with.
  • Grab your family and loved ones.
  • Look in the mirror and check on how you are holding up

Then circle your wagons and apply all remaining power to the shields (Star Trek style) -- to thank, protect, recharge, feed and nurture - you, your family and your team with any time and energy that is left.


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