Work Life Balance for Physicians - How to Tip the Scales

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Work Life Balance is key to preventing Physician Burnout - but exactly HOW do you create balance in the first place?

Here are 2 Key Habits (and 3 Power Tools) to help you create more balance this week - Field Tested and Doctor Approved. 

Six "Get Home Sooner" Tools are Here

We have successfully coached hundreds of doctors back from burnout. One of the key components to preventing physician burnout is restoring some balance to your life. You must chisel out some space in your weeks for yourself and the important people in your life for one simple reason ...

When you are stressed at work --- home is where you must be able to recharge 

There has to be some balance or you will eventually tumble into the downward spiral of burnout

I know for a fact that you did not learn this in residency - no one does. Residency is where you learn to keep going right through complete exhaustion ... and beyond.

In fact, residency faculty members often model just the opposite ... the chronically burned out and unbalanced doctor. Now you will see certain older physicians who have this figured out. They have outside interests, seem more relaxed, have great relationships with their significant other ... I can tell you many of them went through an episode of their own burnout few years back. That burnout was how they learned the tools to create their more balanced life.

Bypass the crisis ... take the shortcut to work life balance

Here 2 Key Habits and 3 Power Tips for more work life balance this week. Each one is field tested and doctor approved.
Check them out
Pick just one
And get started today!


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Bucket List – 3 Steps To Actually Living Yours

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