The Persuasive Power of the Patient with a Cold - Ogden Nash Shows us the Source

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

Forceful patient requests for antibiotics in an obvious viral URI are some of the most difficult conversations for any doctor to handle.

  • On one side - the patient is miserable
  • On the other side - the diagnosis is simple and quick and the treatment is crystal clear

Yet, in many cases, we physicians can be persuaded to prescribe against our better judgement. 

  • Where does this common patient-doctor conflict originate?
  • Who can shed light on the awesome persuasive power supplied to our patients by a simple rhinovirus?

I nominate Ogden Nash.

Read his poem below and remember your last doozy of a head cold. I nominate these sentiments, rarely spoken in the course of your office visit, as the source of the arm twisting power of your sniffling, suffering patient's argument for antibiotics.

Enjoy ... 

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"Common Cold"
by Ogden Nash


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