The Pandemic Survival Guide for Physicians - Online Video Training

Posted by Dike Drummond MD

physician-burnout-pandemic-survival-guidePandemic Survival Guide for Physicians – Online Training Program. Five Proven Tools to Navigate the COVID-19 Crisis with Confidence. is pleased to announce the release of the Pandemic Survival Guide for Physicians.

This online video training program, specifically for doctors, teaches the skills to navigate the multiple layers of the COVID-19 crisis to a safe landing in the new normal, however long that might take.

The training is open for individual enrollment and volume admission packages are available for medical associations, societies and physician employers.

Pandemic Survival Guide for Physicians
Online Video Training Program
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This is clearly one of those moments we will all look back on and say, "Remember 2020, when everything changed?" Physicians are no exception.

The healthcare industry has been split in two by the pandemic - half in a life and death battle with the virus, the other half throttled back or furloughed, with red ink, pay cuts and layoffs everywhere. The old normal is gone and chaos rules: the hospitals, the economy, the small businesses on Main Street, social distancing. Nightly death tallies and political mudslinging only add to the suffering.

Doctors are at unique risk. They learn to put the patients first and lack basic self-care skills - especially at times of crisis. Navigating this dark passage will depend on learning new tools to find and hold their center, their health, their focus and happiness even when the way forward is not clear.

The Pandemic Survival Guide makes sure physicians …

  • Don't FREEZE like a deer in the headlights
  • Don't keep staring at a crystal ball that has gone dark
  • Don't allow themselves to get hijacked and overwhelmed by fear, frustration, anger, uncertainty and longing for a past that will never return


The brief video lessons in the Survival Guide – none is more than 13 minutes long – teach simple, powerful tools to confidently:

=> Survive the acute crisis and keep loved ones and work teams safe

=> Simplify your life and clarify your Ideal Career/Practice

=> Develop Foresight to recognize the future as it materializes

=> Maintain your creativity and sense of fun and adventure

=> Craft a safe landing on the far side of the crisis for you and your family

Survival Guide participants learn to do more than just survive.

They build a capacity to recognize and step into the new normal happier, healthier, more centered and focused on that far shore.

Pandemic Survival Guide for Physicians
Online Video Training Program

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