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Mindfulness Based Stress Relief (MBSR) for Physicians
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stress relief one minute for doctors and healthcare professionals


My name is Dike Drummond … and I am a Mayo Clinic trained family practice doctor, executive coach and expert in the prevention and treatment of physician burnout . Here is one thing I have learned in my own life and through coaching hundreds over-stressed doctors.

The most important skills to prevent physician burnout is knowing how to release stress in the moment, right when it is occurring. Do you have the ability to recognize when you are holding on to the stresses in your day and simply relax and let them go?

stress relief for physicians optThis is a skill we all should have been taught in Medical School or our Residency Programs … but somehow it never made it on the class schedule. The Stress made it into the curriculum big time … but there was a gaping hole when it was time to teach us about stress relief.

It’s time to fill in this gap in your medical education with some “doctor strengthrelaxation skills.

That is why I developed the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program as an instant stress relief process for doctors and other professionals in healthcare.

The program takes the breathing and relaxation techniques used by experienced meditators, yoga instructors and world class athletes and shows you step-by-step how to use them in your own busy day … to relieve any kind of stress you might be feeling in one minute — or less.

It is research proven to work, and has been field tested by hundreds of physicians in the real world. It works in even the most stressful situations and and I GUARANTEE it will work for you too.


Benefits of the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program

=> 1 Minute Stress Relief has been field tested with real physicians in the front lines of clinical practice. It works with real doctors in the real world of patient care. I have used it successfully in my own life as a family practice doctor, father, executive coach — and with hundreds of over-stressed doctors in my executive coaching practice.

=> Research proven effectiveness. We recently completed a study of this program with 24 physician volunteers in the Multicare Health System in Tacoma, WA. We measured 16 scales of stress, burnout and mindfulness before and 8 weeks after the training. 13 of the 16 showed statistically significant positive changes. The study is being submitted for publication as you read this. I will post the reference here when it is accepted. 

=> Online Video Training you can complete at your own pace. The videos are short and teach one skill at a time. Fits into even the busiest office or hospital day.

=> Simple to use - Immediate Results. Watch an 8 minute video, use the tool it teaches the next day in your practice and lower your stress level right there and then.

=> 30 Day FREE Trial. Click the orange button below to start your 30 day FREE Trial of the entire system. 

=> Lifetime Access for Only $50. After your 30 day free trial, your credit card will be charged just two payments of only $25 for lifetime access to the full training program including all future upgrades. 

=> Unconditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program for any reason, we will return your investment no questions asked.

=> Release stress and relax in less than one minute using an activity you already do every day. In fact you are doing it right now … as you read this sentence. The basic breathing technique of the program (called a “SqueeGee Breath”) actually takes less than ten seconds. It wipes you clean of the stress you are carrying in that moment by a simple and very powerful focusing process. To anyone around you it looks like just a deep breath or a sigh. And you don’t need to take time out for a yoga class, sit in meditation or do anything more than you already do in your busy days.

=> Works no matter what type of stress you are feeling – work, relationships, parenting, school, money. The 1 Minute Stress Relief Program was developed to help you deal with the stresses of being a physician AND that means it will work with any other kinds of stressful events too. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a bad time to be the eye of the storm.

=> Get ahead of your stress and actually prevent it by making relaxing and letting go a regular daily habit. You will learn the latest tools of habit creation science to make stress relief something you do early and often – every day.

=> Fits easily into even the busiest office or O.R. day. When you practice the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program it is invisible to those around you and takes no extra time to implement.

=> Once you learn how to take much of the stress out of your work days, you will naturally begin to focus more on what you really want in your practice and your life. This is very different than your normal focus on avoiding what you don’t want. Your new stress relief skills are what make this big switch from Surviving to Thriving possible. You will notice a real improvement in the quality of your life when you make the switch to thriving too.


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What Clients are Saying …

Peace of Mind

I found myself overwhelmed by major change which I felt I had little control over and finding others negativity and game playing behaviors difficult.

The squeegee breath give me peace of mind. clarity about what I love about my work and knowing that I know how to identify it and find it and reward myself for finding it. So powerful it brings tears to my eyes typing this email!

The changes were instant at one level, but I know that over time (5 months now) I am changing at a deeper more sustainable level.”

~ F.T. MD

Results in just a few days

“I learned how I could let go of all the worry with a breath no one else even notices. It was easy to learn the program with the videos and worksheets. I started to see results within just a few days. Now I use the squeegee breath in my everyday relationships and taught it to my staff and patients. It always helps me calm down and be really present with the person in front of me at the moment.”

~ S. J. MD

Given me back a sense of control in my life

“The program has given me back a sense of control in my life. It brought me back to being present with each of my patients. I feel like a healer again, not just someone who writes out prescriptions and makes referrals. I am still surprised that It doesn’t take any more time in my already packed work day; in fact it keeps giving me back time I would have normally wasted on worrying.

~ J.K. DO

Feel as if I have a pause button

“The squeegee breath makes me feel as if I have a pause button. I can stop, collect myself and feel so much more at ease in the chaos around me. It always puts me in a better mood, even when things are tough at work, or at home. The bite size chunks at my own pace works great and knowing the whole program is evidence based really matters to me as well.”

~ F.D. MD

How very easy it is to regain focus

1 Minute Stress Relief has made it possible to take myself and my emotions out of play and turn my full attention to my patients and coworkers and my own needs. I was surprised how very easy it is to regain focus – even when there are many distractions and people demanding attention. When my staff saw me doing it, they started doing it too. And if I forget – and look like I need it, they remind me.”

~ Sandi C. D.O.


How the Program Works

stress relief video training for physicians=> 6 brief video lessons you watch from your computer or mobile device – the longest is 11 minutes – specifically designed for busy doctors. The videos are quick, focused and always available on the training website for the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program. They teach the program’s powerful stress relief tools that take less than a minute to practice even in the middle of the busiest office day. AND you can get started right away – less than five minutes from right now.

Lesson One – you learn how to release any amount of stress using a single conscious “SqueeGee Breath”. You receive step by step instructions and audio files to help you practice. You will learn how to use horse lips and elephant arms to let your body lead you to even deeper levels of relaxation … all in a single breath.

Lesson Two – you learn how to prevent stress from building up in the first place with a technique from some of the most recent research in habit creation science called a SuperHabit Trigger.

Lesson Three – lock in your new habit of relaxing by making it a game. You will learn simple ways to keep score and multiple ways to learn and take rewards.

Lesson Four – find your own center of inner calm and peace and hone your ability to release stress and return to this relaxed feeling any time you want. Here is where you use your SqueeGee Breath to become the “eye of the storm” in your work day. The audio download guided meditation “the Lake” lets you practice your centering skills any time and any place you wish.

Lesson Five – start getting more of what you really want in your life by connecting with your true intentions from your place of inner peace. What are the things you want more of in your life and practice? When the stress is gone, you can remember these intentions and move calmly in that direction.

Lesson Six – create a clear boundary between work and home by building your SqueeGee Breath into your transition from your office to your family life. You can also begin to give the gift of relaxation by teaching these valuable lessons to others. I recommend you start with your children.


1MSRBonusCallOut opt

=> Twin Learning Tracks built into each lesson are designed to fit your needs and learning style. You can follow the “Fast Track” to learn to release and relax as quickly as possible. Then dive into the additional “Next Level” lessons when you have a couple minutes of extra time – for even deeper stress relief.

=> Instant online access to the lessons, worldwide, 24/7.
The videos are kept in a members-only training website. You receive a username and password via email. When you log in you have full access to all the training materials and bonuses. No waiting for a package in the mail – all you need for the program is an internet connection. Learn and practice any time you wish and get started immediately.

=> You get Lifetime Membership to the training site and all future updates.
Your one time investment secures you a full access lifetime pass to the training site with all the video coaching lessons, downloadable audios and worksheets. I will be adding material to the site regularly and you receive access to all future additions and upgrades to the program.

=> Downloadable audio practice files and guided meditations let you relax anywhere, any time. You can upload these MP3 audio files to any portable device — your cell phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod to listen and practice whenever you wish.

redribbonguarantee=>Unconditional 90 day money back guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied with the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program … for Any Reason at Any Time … let me know and we will refund your investment, no questions asked.

=> No need to spend hundreds of dollars attending a class in meditation or mindfulness. No plane ticket or hotel to sit in silence for a weekend. With practice you will develop a rich and powerful ability to relax and become more intentional and mindful in your days, without ever having to sit in lotus position.

=> Start relaxing as soon as your payment is complete – from the comfort of your own computer with the very first video in less than 10 minutes from right now.

=> The program pays for itself the first time you use it and goes on to produce a permanent upgrade in your ability to release, relax, stop your stress and start getting more of what you really want in your life.


stress relief for physicians stress management for doctors optYour Lifetime Full Access Pass to the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program
is only $50 USD after your 30 Day FREE Trial

=> Lifetime access to the 6 online training modules
=> All the downloadable audio practice files
=> BONUS #1 – Total Body Relaxation Audio
=> BONUS #2 – Personal Stress Reduction Strategic Plan
=> Lifetime Access to all future additions to the program
=> Stress Relief Immediately. Get started in minutes
=> Our unconditional 90 day money back guarantee

=> Over $300 in Value for only $50

NOTE: The button below will take you to PayPal where you can register for your 30 Day FREE Trial. Your card will not be charged for 30 days. If you decide to maintain your lifetime membership, your investment is two payments of $25 USD on day 30 and one month later for a total of $50 USD.

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It’s time to complete your medical education. Time to learn how to release the stresses of being a doctor and become calm and centered — no matter what’s going on around you.


I look forward to helping you complete your medical education
by learning this simple, powerful stress relief process I designed specifically
for practicing doctors. You can release, relax and remain centered
and calm – the Eye of the Storm – no matter what is going on in
your day. AND you can get started just minutes from right now.

Click the Add To Cart Button and get started immediately.

Keep breathing and I will see you soon on the inside.

stress relief one minute for doctors and healthcare professionalsDike

Dike Drummond MD
Creator of the 1 Minute Stress Relief Program

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